Crochet Cowl Pattern

The weather around here has been so crazy. Warmer than usual but the evenings and mornings are pretty chilly. I have this thing for scarfs and cowls. This crochet cowl

25 Table Runner Patterns

The table runner is a great place to learn a few quilt and sewing techniques.  The size of the runner isn’t large, so you aren’t committed to a monster

Quilt Books You Should Buy

After hitting quilt market, I ran into a few new books and notions that I am totally excited to use, read and sew with.  Today I thought I’d share

How to Make Lotion Bars

My hands are dry. During the winter they are terrible. I don’t really notice until I am working on some hand stitching and then spot them. They are a

How to Read a Crochet Grid

If you are just beginning crochet– the charts and patterns can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.  I really love using crochet patterns that show it in a diagram

Microwave Bowl Potholder

Are you one of the types that tosses a bowl in the microwave and when it bings- you quickly grab it and then howl because it’s hot! I mean,