Embroidery How To: Satin Stitch 101

Hi, I’m Wendy, from Sugarlane Designs.  Today is ‘Tip’ day, so as promised in Tuesday’s tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to perfect your satin stitch. Don’t get me

How to Wall Basting

The other day while browsing through Instagram I hit something that I had never thought about or heard or seen!  What? Haven’t I tried it all – I thought

Fabric Bunting Tutorial

Hi! Ula here again! I blog over at Lulu & Celeste and share the things I’ve made for my two little girls, Silly Bean (5) and Miss V (2) and for myself.

My Temporary Sewing Space

A lot of times the private life gets lost on blogs…. I used to post a bit more about my private life here, but it morphed into a mostly

How To Sew French Seams

Hi! Sara from Made by Sara again with a clothing sewing tip! Last Tuesday I shared here at Patchwork Posse a tutorial on how to make the most quick