I’m a Drug Dealer

ok. really i am not. but from the purseptions of my neighbors i just might be. This is how it has been for the last week:* cars drive up*

One for you……one for me

This is the theory anyways. You know, with the kids halloween candy, easter, anything else i can think of. The system of equality. hee heeDo you have one? I


Got a little bit of news and new going on here: New Cds- well, new from the garage sale weekend new. Still good. John Mayer. nice. plus i got

Mothers Day Doings

Did everyone have as good of a mothers day as i? Mine started with breakfast, and a very cleaned up kitchen!!! neither of which was done by me. Then

More than i bargained for

Today was fantastically too much. can that be possible? yup. There was so much eye candy i think my head is going to explode. I spent 1/2 day at

Back in the Saddle

i am speaking about the saddle of sewing/quilting that is.– got the sewing machine pile out of the laundry room and set it up in it’s rightful place.– tackled


Are there little piles hounding you too? Well, I guess not really hounding. Just hanging out. Waiting for their turn. Waiting…waiting…and waiting some more. A pile of sewing machine.

Emotional Havok

Quick note of my emotional Havok these last week or so. Besides house and boutique prep, set up and sell, life in general……i have girl scouts.I have been a

Paper Confetti

I had a wonderful weekend with the girls. Family girls sewing, chatting, snacking, scrapbooking, making bags, quilts, books, food…whatever! I was quite productive and got done what i really

Sore, whiplashed, and ripped off

Sore- The tail bone. Soccer incedent–which involved me, falling, rolling and hurting. but not outloud and only to my cyber blog friends….ouch. Didn’t notice really until getting into the