All I want for Christmas

I have been thinking about this Christmas thing for a few days or so. I loved last years—mostly handmade items. I would love to have a repeat again this year.


There was a gal in our neighborhood who hosted this Costume Swap in her home. You bring clean costumes…she tags them and hangs them up for everyone to shop.

Job Application

Whosies and Whatnots Shop is currently taking applications for the following positions: PATTERN TESTERS Please review the following requirements before submitting your application: * Sewing experience required * Computer

Production Count

So my garden is done. It has frozen and so now everything that got picked… needs to be dealt with. Green Pepper Jelly- has just a bit of a

It only took 6 months

I got some quilting done. yipee!!! I did it…..finally. I have had these few beauties for a bit now…6 months…who’s counting? and finally they got their day at the

You Likey-Likey?

I know that you have noticed……..the new layout?….the new colors?……the new ‘me’?  You likey? I likey. There are still some more things that will show up. Things moving around.

On the mend

Since this has been my view for the last few days…… I have been slow at doing things girls. sorry. We did make some Bear Bread…. And….I got my

What’s that you say?

That is my reaction to anyone speaking to me today……eh? speak up child i can’t hear you….the ears, plugged. The nose plugged. The chest plugged. Just a bunch of

Repeat performance

Do you notice that sometimes things repeat themselves? I mean who couldn’t notice it? Circle of Life……But really, have you ever noticed it in your like of quilting? I