12 years old

that is what the daughter Jerika is today…..12! She is really quite excited about this age. She gets to become a young woman. I took her shopping yesterday and

Are you a Yo Guy?

My kids have funny little names for things. If they don’t like something it is “Johny”. If it is super bad it is “Johny Wickstone” Things like that just

I’m a Drug Dealer

ok. really i am not. but from the purseptions of my neighbors i just might be. This is how it has been for the last week:* cars drive up*

One for you……one for me

This is the theory anyways. You know, with the kids halloween candy, easter, anything else i can think of. The system of equality. hee heeDo you have one? I


Got a little bit of news and new going on here: New Cds- well, new from the garage sale weekend new. Still good. John Mayer. nice. plus i got

Mothers Day Doings

Did everyone have as good of a mothers day as i? Mine started with breakfast, and a very cleaned up kitchen!!! neither of which was done by me. Then

More than i bargained for

Today was fantastically too much. can that be possible? yup. There was so much eye candy i think my head is going to explode. I spent 1/2 day at

Back in the Saddle

i am speaking about the saddle of sewing/quilting that is.- got the sewing machine pile out of the laundry room and set it up in it’s rightful place.- tackled


Are there little piles hounding you too? Well, I guess not really hounding. Just hanging out. Waiting for their turn. Waiting…waiting…and waiting some more. A pile of sewing machine.