Cleaner than clean

I ran out of laundry soap yesterday and knowing that wednesday is wash day i would need some soap that i made some. now, i have had the stuff

Fairy girl

This here is the fairy doll i recieved from missy. This is her great grandmother Belle. Isn’t it just great? It is a picture transfer and then she embellished

Home Again

Well, i am home again..actually that was Saturday evening. It was great to get away for just one night an sew it up!!! There were only 5 of us

Winner ~~

I’m all packed and loaded….couldn’t decide on one project so i brought a bag of many…. along with a box of quilt magazines to inspire everyone…snacks, girl scout cookies,

Honey has Hobbies too

As i am so obsorbed in my own hobbies i didn’t realize that honey has one too. Well, i did, know.the first one would be tools..he being a

Smarty pants

Everyday i am overwhelmed by the knowledge of others. There are some really smart cookies out there, ya know. These are a few that really just hit me in

Squiggly Waves

Squiggly Waves Baby Quilt Size: 47″ X 42″ Baby Quilt E-Pattern. Included:* Tutorial style instructions* Pictures to help with the steps* Alternative uses for the applique octopus* Free-bee doll

Drawing a Blank

So there weren’t any names to put into the drawing for me to pick from well, ok. there was me and i keep winning things, but i already have

Lucky Me

I AM THE WINNNER!!! Boy, 2 in one month? That is the Luck of the Irish isn’t it? But, i’m not Irish…..hhhhmmm. Well, I’ll take it anyways. Want to

Cranky Quilt- PinWheel

CrAnKy QuIlT PINWHEEL BLOCK For EACH Block you will need: 2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks —- Background 2- 5 inch X 5 inch blocks —- Color You