Super Party

Of course you weren’t the only ones that had a party for super bowl. We are not a sports family by any means, but we do have a super


yahoo!! I don’t want to leave you in the dark any longer- here are the last of the presents. I must share…. Don’t get all giddy. This isn’t a

It’s Hard Work Being Poor

i decided not to show the pics of the birthday presents because i got side tracked by something i said to the honey last night when we were talking


I have been playing catch up with a bunch of my single blocks. So i thought that today i would show them off. I do have a few more

Live Positively

That is what the coke bottle says anyways. Coke always knows best doesn’t it? Today is ……… BIRTHDAY!!!! yay for me!!! Here is a little background: (not that anyone

Cranky Quilt- 9 Patch

 CrAnKy RoW QuILT   or follow along with links below:       log cabin block pinwheel block basket block ohio star block friendship star rail fence Here are


The story of the pooka pants. Once apon a time there was a daughter who picked up mom and dad from the airport and fed them some yummy pancakes.

Keep on Keep’n it on…

Tuesdays for me are the craziest of the week. Especially the 3rd. that is when all the activities seem to come up for us. Thought i would share.Today on

Valentines Love-Lee’s

What is that i hear? It was a bunch of little squeeks….shhhhh……squeek, squeek. Hear it? Would you take a look at that—- It looks like a bunch of little

Sneaking some little love

Valentines Sneak Peak Just a sneak of LoveLee The rest will show up on Monday. Come back to get a better look…. Not much on the docket for this

Block of the Month Addiction

I feel like sayings: hello my name is Becky and i am addicted to block of the months….of course with this addiction comes the finding of new ones.I just
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