It’s alive!!

Finally after fiddling for a few minutes longer than i wanted- i asked the honey. he told me where to go to retrieve them. yay!! Really i think that

the camera won’t talk

my camera won’t talk to my computer so i couldn’t get some new pics off. i thought i would show off the pin cushion i sent off last week

Dreaming of a better place

Dreaming of a Better Place….that is what my shirt says…….i think it fits for today!I am taking off for a few days up to Bear Lake!!! Nothing but sand,

Pay IT Foward

I did the pay it forward on Julie’s site!! Rules and instructions at the end! She was soooo speady in her delivery. Today I got my little goodie from

Springville Getaway

Yesterday was sooooo fantastic!! the weather was perfect, the company was terrific, the gazing on quilts was inspirational, and the buying was under control (sort of)!! Everyone needs a

W.I.P.– whatnots in progress

I finally worked on some stuff!! yay…sewing stuff!! Here is a little W.I.P. –this traditionaly means work in progress. I however don’t play by the rules and am changing

200% larger 100% Pixie

So i thought that i would try to enlarge the Pixie pattern. I ended up with a 200% enlargement. This is how she turned out: The pattern enlarges very

Barred Rock Birthday

i just have to tell all about my weekend- Saturday. We had tickets to go and see the Frank Loyd Wright home that Utah has!! It is even here

English Paper Piecing

I went to quilt group tonight. Hung out with a bunch of gals –mixed in age– and gabbed it up!! Tonight there was a technique shown to us. ENGLISH


I went to a bridal shower tonight and it was sooooo much fun!! It had the theme of “movies”. You can tell from the invitation above. There was a