Onion Bouquet

Jarom and the neighbor friend were in the front of the yard for around an hour. I wasn’t sure what they were up to until they emerged later. They

A Bit of this and that

I got a bit of stuff done…. wanna see? Giving A little Miss doll + a few accessories….skirts, dress, sweater dress, purse and blanket. Birthday present. Weeding The garden

First and Last- Quilt Parade

Camille and Carrie are putting on a ‘Quilt Parade’ over on their blogs. The Parade is your first and last quilt. Since i finished a quilt yesterday, that makes


I just thought i would take a quick moment to shout out some thanks. **THANKS** * for sharing your helpful encouragement on monday for girl scouts. Much appreciated, let

Sleepy Pants

I saw these made by Lisa. Hers are long length compfy pants. I like mine short during the summer. Capri length. So since i had some vintage sheets hanging


Swaps—you know girl scout stuff. Stands for (i can never remember this)Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere Well, because all the kids are going to Day Camp…even the boys. They

In the leafy treetops…

The birds sing good morning. I Was led to while she naps from pillipilli. She is having a making along. Of course i have to give it a try.