What’s in your basket?

While at Bear Lake i took up a project to work on. Remember the Emergency Stitching Kit? This wasn’t so much as an emergency, sort of planned this time.

Bear Lake Yearly

Frogs- They were in the tall grass along the beach. The kids loved to catch, love, release, and repeat. Sand- Water- Shakes- Family- Goofy family faces- Gotta love taking

i’m here –really i am

ok. that might be just a bit of a lie. i wasn’t here…until today. so i am here right now. Earlier this week- gone. Went up to Bear Lake

Embroidery Pig

I hit an estate sale on Saturday—–whooaaa nelli. It was like walking into an embroidery zone. They had it all laid out pretty like on a table in one

Trash Picker

In finishing up my crazy for the moment—geese in the forest quilt– i found myself just a bit short on the background fabric! yikes! it’s late! i don’t even

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Still being the year of the yard- the honey is trading with a neighbor and he showed up randomly yesterday with the bobcat. A bit of smoothing and

Did I tell you…….

Did i tell you the winners were——- KYRA J ROBERTS ROBIN send me an email and i’ll send you the pattern!! yay for you!!! bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com + remember i would

Annual Quilt Run Around

I think that is what i am going to call it….our annual Quilt Run around. It actually just involves me and a little group of 9 gals who get

In Excess

There is this slight problem I have……if there is a free item out there it finds its way to ME!! Do you have a problem like that too? I

Square Pegs

They call themselves SQUARE PEGS because they have square heads, and peg legs!! I have been trying for awhile to make a doll that has a basic body shape.