Valentine Hotness

Are you hot? I’m hot…… I’m not…What? Me Hot ? oh, yea…..i’m cook’n….. -listening in on the 4 rice cooker monsters for the kids for valentines– made using this


Just thought i would share a bit of where and how i get my stuff. Best resource ever is children. Some great stuff has come from a child’s drawing.


I have pacing lately. I walk in the sewing room…then walk out, then back in, then out again. I stand and stare at everything….I just can’t make up my

Facebook Friendzy

So i wasn’t a big fan of facebook. that was all of last year- but saturday changed that. I found some friends!! That might sound kind of funny. Actually.

Wish me luck

Just had to do a shout out…. of course for shopping today and tomorrow. They have even extended the hours for everyone. how convenient. You can shop until 3

Hard Work Update

Occasionally I will update the It’s hard work being poor post. As everyone probably already knows there was a commercial during the Super Bowl. It announced the free Denny’s

Stay for the CPSIA

Stay, Stay, Stay for the CPSIA (said in a band march, cheer leading sort of way)oh, you could even make little arm motions for the letters….like the village people.

Super Party

Of course you weren’t the only ones that had a party for super bowl. We are not a sports family by any means, but we do have a super


yahoo!! I don’t want to leave you in the dark any longer- here are the last of the presents. I must share…. Don’t get all giddy. This isn’t a

It’s Hard Work Being Poor

i decided not to show the pics of the birthday presents because i got side tracked by something i said to the honey last night when we were talking