Summer Travel—ers

Summer Travelers 9 inches of Fun!!! They are perfect to snag and go. The love to see new things, and go on trips. Short, long, near, far…or anything in


It seems like a booth-a-thon around here. products, displays, tags….you name it.What a bunch of WORK this boutique thing is!!! i had an idea…but really i guess not.I am

Patchwork Quilt Pattern

As you can see from around here I am in love with the process of Patchwork Quilt.  I love to cut up the pieces and sew them together– just

Easter Dress #2

I finished #2 today.Mccall’s 3623 pattern just for those sewers who will be asking.Great EASY!!! pattern. The V in the front is a bit lower than Jerika is comfortable

Easter Dress

I finished one!!! yay for me!!This is Eliza’s. I didn’t have enough fabric to do a real fancy dress, so i looked around– on the internet of course…blogland. oooooo.

What’s in your …..Bathroom?

You are thinking that i will say ‘wallet’….huh? i knew it. Well, smarty pant bloggers….. i didn’t. There was no typo here. yup, What’s in your Bathroom? is right.This

Body Parts

Peaked your interest? I am really not that psycho. Anyways. That is what has been laying around here. Little pieces of this and that—you know how it goes.. cut,


Quick Stitch Pattern Bunny A simple name for a simple Quick Stitch Pattern. ok. fine i couldn’t think of anything else. Size: 8X4 inches I know that i am

Pictures of you

I thought i would share and spread the word…about Face-tidious. Paintings by Chris Thornock. This is my neighbor up the street, who is an artist. He has made a