New tires and other goodies

So yesterday i went to get a few new tires put on the suburban. wow, they are pricey little round things aren’t they? Since we had ‘fuzzy’ ones on

Mr. I’m 7

He is 7 now. He is proud of that number. Loves to say, well…i’m 7 now. I am bigger than… I can, because I’m 7…. He got to go


I get too distracted. I say one thing and do another… i am going to quilt this weekend. Then….something in my mind gets attracted to something else, and just

Doily Pin Cushion Tutorial

*First find some doilies. Either make some by hand, or buy them at a thrift store, garage sale, or anywhere else you can find them cheap. The doilies used

Pancake Warmers

Today we woke up to a little sprinkling of snow dust everywhere. The poor birdies have to fight the snow to find the seed. Since sometime in October we

Updating the Store

Just thought i’d do a shout out for the store- Real quick like First I’d like to Introduce: Little Miss– She is the latest pattern I have put together

More shirt stuff

Are ya sick of me? And the Shirts? Sorry- i thought though i would redeem myself and show a : quilt This one is a couple of years old….but

Dress Shirt Conversion Tutorial

Instructions for stealing your honey’s shirts and making something new out of them. Won’t you follow along? 1) Without honey knowing go into the closet and pick out the

March starts with

School Girl Scout Cookies Quilt guild meeting Dishes Dinner Is it too late to sneak in some family time and maybe, just maybe ……..some sewing?!

Squirmy waviness

Is is horrible of me to sew on Sunday? Church doesn’t start until 1 and everything seems just a bit quieter on these days. the perfect kind to sew