Apron Tutorial

Cooking can be fun…but cooking with little kids can be funner!  This apron is just the right size for the little helper in your kitchen. Need it bigger? No

A little bit of Elf love

I have been stitching for a couple of days on these little elves. I got the pattern from All Sorts. She has some cute stuff over there!! I thought

Owl Quick Stitch Transformation

I have been thinking about adding some quick stitch patterns to the pack. I am still working on the patterns and designs-so nothing new yet. Just wait though, there

My Written Excuse

Please Excuse Becky from Christmas Decorating My written excuse She has been lazy and unresponsive to her surroundings. The music, lights, flickerings of flashy toys, Green trees spotted in

And the Winner is

I am sure thankful to all the players!! I have never, since my career in blogging started, dreamed of having that many participate. I have had a bunch of

quilt under pressure

Are you looking for the drawing? It is still on until Sunday. Click here to go to the post. I finished a quilt. Nothing like the pressure of having

Give away is still going until Sunday. Follow link below or just scroll down. I can’t believe the love, ok really it is the desire to win…but i’ll take


HERE SHE IS She is a Smappy Baby!! But wait, she is not all by herself… she is carrying a little smap!! Smaller than her…does that make her a


FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS to the U.S. Starting November 27th -the 1st of December There will be new Christmas themed pocket people and some additional stuffies ready to