Oh, Christmas –Fat quarter Tree

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Oh, Christmas fat quarter tree—-how easy it is to make you….. hee hee {yes, you will be singing that for the rest of the day- thank me later}
Would you like a quickie tutorial? Wanna learn how to make your own fat quarter tree?
Follow along!
Materials needed: 4 fat quarters
Repeat these steps with 3 of them the last one is for the trunk.


fold the fat quarter in half the LONG way. fold is at the top
fold in half again. fold is at the top.
turn up the bottom left corner a bit past half way. fold is still at the top.
take that left side and fold it down to meet the bottom edge.
fold it up to meet the top edge.
continue with folding and meeting the edges–yes, it is a flag fold. you are left with a little bit on the end.
fold this end inside –tuck, tuck
repeat it till all 3 are done. Now, tuck one inside the other. see that?
with the last fat quarter—fold in in half and half again and then roll it up. Tuck it inside the bottom of the tree and tada!
A christmas fat quarter tree!!!cute as can be!
Perfect for presents to others—or for chrismas parties….or summer parties..or just because.
Come back the week after Thanksgiving for a big REVEAL!!! Something about Quilting and an Online Group —–I have big players helping out. You won't want to miss out. :)
Last night was quilt group. Loved it. There were a lot of Mystery Quilt show off's!! just like the quilt i showed yesterday.
Marilyn's blurry sorry
aren't they the greatest? So different, yet i love them all!! thanks to Angie for being president and finding such wonderful things for us!!!

Here is the quilt pattern again. Just in case i have convinced you to make one for yourself.

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