New Year New Projects Printable

Today we woke up to a new year!   I am totally excited for this new year and what will be happening…and the plans. Oh the plans.

Just for fun and to add to the printable yesterday on writing up your year in review, today I am sharing a new printable all about the new year.

new year to do printable for crafts and sewing | PatchworkPosse #sewing #diy #printable  Print and write in what you're sewing or crafting goals for the year are


You can print and write as many as you’d like.


Here are some ideas of what I’m putting on mine:


  • Fill it in with your projects that you are planning on finishing.
  • What kind of techniques are you ready to try this year?
  • Any notions– rulers, scissors, fancy dodads that you’d like to try out this year?  Write it down.
  • Sew alongs? Quilt alongs? Block of the Months?
  • UFO projects?

printable set for year in review and what I will try this next year. PatchworkPosse #sewing #diy #printable

click to download

*this printable has been combined with the year in review to make it quick and easy for one download for both*

The list can go on and on!  The empty spaces are there for you to fill in.

This is the year we can do it!  I’d love to hear what’s on your list– share it!


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  1. Nona

    2 January

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and of course, the free resolution pages. I appreciate your creativity and generosity.

    Nona – in chilly Alaska

  2. quilthappy

    2 January

    Hi Becky,

    Thanks so much for sharing these awesome forms with us. I know they’ll both be a big help. Only problem, when I click on Download, go to the Craftsy site to download I’m only getting the Last Year side and not the “This Year I will…” side. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Charlotte

    3 January

    I am also unable to download the This Year . . .side. I always enjoy/appreciate your creativity & sharing!!

  4. quilthappy

    7 January

    Still only one page on the download. 🙁 Looking forward to you fixing this so we can best enjoy them. Thank you.

  5. Becky

    7 January

    I just updated the file…sorry about that! I had clicked on the wrong pdf file at first. Have fun everyone!

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