New Patterns! Baby Carrier, Car Clutch and more!

New Patterns! Baby Carrier, Car Clutch and more!

This past month or so have been a busy!  I am finally happy to announce that I have a few patterns in the Wholesale market!   I’d love it if you’d ask your local quilt shop to order some!

Since I know that not everyone has a quilt shop near by, I have a few that I am releasing on my own….and you can purchase them starting today!  Take a look-see…. I am thinking you will like them!

Baby and Carrier Pattern~

This sweet little pattern set if for the doll and the carrier, and of course a little blankie to go along.   The baby is around 8″.  With a little tuft of yarn hair and sleepy eyes, dreamworld awaits.

Sleepy doll, Carrier, Blankie Pattern | patchwork posse


Included in the pattern- Doll, Blankie, Carrier and mattress.  The instructions feature diagrams to help you with the steps and 100% full size templates.  Easy to print,sew and squeeze.

What a few have said about the pattern:

-I made this cute dolly and her blankie for a friends little girl who is 3 years old and loves her dollies… I found the pattern to be very adaptable to my fabric,rickrack and piping ideas….

Car Clutch Kit Pattern~

Vroom, Vroom!! My kids have always been a big fan of cars. This ready to go clutch is the perfect thing for anyone who has car lovers in their home!

car clutch kit pattern inluding clutch with pocket, roads, houses, streets, and more! | patchwork posse


Included in the pattern- car clutch- with pocket for storing cars, play area, templates for houses, hills, roads.

The pieces are sewn on individual background pieces so they can be repositioned and customized for play! Great for the imagination!  Everything is packed away neatly in the clutch with a velcro closure.  Great for a grab and go….or store in the vehicle for emergency play.

What a few have said about the pattern:

-I think the Car Carrier pattern offers a great project to do as is. I also think it gives the maker creativity to personalize and add to the entire project.

-I love this pattern! The Carclutch is a great idea and is perfect for playing at home or easily taking it anywhere!

In addition to the individual patterns, there are a few now available in wholesale!! I am really quite tickled with this.  These are the first patterns I have released in the wholesale market and I hope to do more in the future.

wholesale patterns available | patchwork posse

What patterns are available?

  • Minions!  These crafty little creatures include multiple eye options, googles, teeth, tongue..and the arms are button hinged.
  • Animal Bibs- Each one is a different character– dog, bunny, cat and bear.  Easy ribbon closure.
  • Sheep and quilt– This little guy is ready for nap time! Simple shape, great for little fingers and play time.  The quilt is small and quick to sew.
  • Travel pillows- the whole set is included in one pattern.  You decide the animal- dog, cat, bear, bunny.  Great for little heads sleeping in the cars.

If you are a store and would like to purchase patterns to sell, please contact me for wholesale information.

Head on over to the Flickr group to see more of these sewn up by you!! Feel free to add your own versions too. I love to see what you make!

I am working on a few more patterns… for them soon!

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