NEW PATTERN GIVEAWAY!! 4 New Patterns- Choose Their Names, Win Their Patterns

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I have a few patterns ok. fine…4 new pattern that are all written however, when it comes to names… I have the hardest time!

Will you help me out here- and I’ll put up a little giveaway along with it too.  You did so well with Claire that I thought I’d throw a bunch at you to mix it up and see how you do this time!

new pattern penguin and fish

Penguin.  He is 12” tall…and yes, his hat comes off!  He does like to sport it often though in the winter time to keep him cozy when adventuring outside with his friend….the fish. {maybe the fish needs a name too?}  The pattern will include the hat, the fish, the penguin.  You are to supply the fun and adventures when all sewn up.

owl plushie

Owl.  He is 12” tall {very similar to his penguin friend} and sports a scarf with a loving mouse as the friend.  Both companions hang out together and explore the forest.  They like to play hide and seek….usually the owl wins.  With those big eyes he can spot mouse from a mile away!  The pattern will include the owl, the mouse and the scarf instructions. 

goat plushie

Goat.  I am thinking the kids have named him…but didn’t want him to miss out on the fun.  Itnis is the name.  He is 15” tall and with button hinge arms he is a little bit freer to move into positions.  There is a pocket on the front to stuff his hankie in or whatever other wonderful goodies you find while hanging out with him.  The boys love the goat-ee beard. J

bunny plushie

Bunny.  These little guys are not new, but their pattern has been updated with new photos, cover and templates. 

All patterns will be posted in the Patchwork Posse Store on Monday morning sporting their new names on the cover!

I have enlisted the help of rafflecopter So- leave a comment below with your name suggestion.  I will pick a winner on Sunday {announced via email—have you signed up for your free patterns and tutorials yet?}. 

You may leave a suggestion for all 4, just one or whatever.  It can be a repeat of another name….might become a favorite and easy for me to pick! 

You do not have to be the name I pick for the pattern to win.  I will randomly just pick a winner….. I will pick 2 winners—each you the winners will receive all 4 patterns!! 

There are multiple ways to enter to give you a good chance at winning– besides the name ideas, so Share the news with others if you wouldn’t mind…. The more names the better {might have to stockpile my favorites to use on upcoming dolls and plushies}


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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