New Name, Big Step and Prepping for Quilt Festival

New Name, Big Step and Prepping for Quilt Festival

As many of you know I kind of dibble in a lot of things.  One of those things started a couple of years ago — the online quilt group.

I have loved the process of putting it together, gathering the talent to join me, and putting it all together in a way that no matter where you are on this planet- you can join it.  When I started it I just jumped in with both feet and didn’t think too much of the name.  It’s just been the quilt group.

Well, with growth came a bit of confusion….is it part of this blog? is it the patchwork posse quilt group? yes, in a sense it was.  But there were always emails from others who couldn’t get if they were in the paid or free blog.  And that didn’t help me with my own sense of confusion as well.

Fast forward a couple of years.

To keep things a little quicker than a big long winded post, I thought I’d make a long winded video. 🙂

And– a quick thanks to a few who have helped me figure this booth journey — Lee, Ebony and Reeze.  Your help, info and support mean a million to me. Without you I probably would be showing up with a few quilts and not much of an idea.

And also to the members who helped with the name choosing, feedback and for just being awesome members.

Thank you!

My booth at Quilt Festival is #2350  Come by and say Hi if you are attending!

To learn more about the IAQ- visit: 

To learn more about the planner:




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