My Temporary Sewing Space

A lot of times the private life gets lost on blogs…. I used to post a bit more about my private life here, but it morphed into a mostly quilt blog.  Which I totally love, but sometimes the two collide.

This past week my fingers and muscles have been worked to the bone.  They are all achy, and it’s not because I have been feaverishly sewing or quilting like a mad woman.  That has been put aside for longer than I wish, to move.  Yup.  We are those crazy people who move kind of a lot.  We packed up everything, hauled it over to the new house (thanks for the many helpers or we would have been in a crazy bigger mess!) and have been painting every wall, trim and pulling carpet.  And don’t get me started on how much cleaning I have done!

sewing spaces that are temporary - how to make them work

This is our 13th move in 19 years of marriage.  The last purchase we have held onto and rented it out– along with the duplex that we own next door to it.  We had purchased it for a temporary stop– that lasted for us almost 5 years.

The sewing cottage is there….and while it worked for me most of the time, having my sewing space outside of the home was a lot of times- tricky.  I had to sneak in time to run out, sew a few things, run back in or get interrupted or whatever.  Because it was outside I had to deal with the heat and the cold in the winter.  The sewing machines weren’t really fond of the cold.  I do love my sewing cottage though……

This home, while it has potential (our homes always have that, and lucky for me I’m married to a general contractor) things are not how they should be.  This of course means that I will be possibly moving my sewing spot around the home until finally landing in it’s permanent spot.

At first I was going into the basement into which I called the ‘hallway’.  This would fit my big quilting machine and a few tables just fine, but after digging around in the basement for a few repairs – mold was discovered and now we are tearing apart the bottom half of all the walls in the basement- including the hallway.  This left me with not many options, but the one that was the best of them was the laundry room.

Yes, the upper cabinets are hung upside down.  Yes, it’s full of boxes to be unpacked labeled laundry room.  Yes, it seems to be the dumping ground for a skateboard and golf clubs — blame the boys for that.  Yes, there is a dryer vent that travels the room so it can vent to the outside of the home.  But, yes- it’s large.  yes, there is a few workable spaces.  Yes, there is a door I can close and hide in there.

laundry room sewing room

It comes with a washer and dryer 🙂  a desk

laundry room sewing spot

and a wall of counterspace

laundry room sewing deskl

Now, while it looks like a mess (and thank goodness everything is still in the boxes!) I can quickly remove the boxes, only unpacking what is really needed and finding a home for it somewhere else.

I am thinking it will clean up pretty good and will have just enough space for the essentials (that will be impossible to decided on what’s essential or not!) and get it set up so I can use it.

At the moment I’m not sure where the sewing machine will go– on the desk or in another spot.  Will have to play around once a few things are brought over and set up.  Lucky for me, the sewing cottage isn’t included in the rent- so I left everything there as is and can bring it over when things allow.

Since this isn’t going to be only a temporary spot, I won’t be spending a whole lot of time on getting things perfect, but looking for inspiration is definite the place I’m starting!

Keeping organized is going to be a must do– since the space isn’t that big.  And looking at other sewing studios to pick up a few ideas here and there I’m sure will come in handy.

So the question is– what do you suggest for the room?  What works in a temp sewing zone?  Share it with me!

After things get settled a bit in there, I’ll keep you all updated with the progress and how things turned out.

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  1. Brenda Ackerman

    7 September

    I really do not have any ideas to pass along. I have never been good at decorating, I just move things here and there until I am totally happy with the layout. I just thought I would share with you that you are not alone. We have not moved a whole lot, but my sewing room has moved more times than I wish to remember in our current home. Each spot worked for awhile, until repeated problems would arise. Then it was well why do you not try this room, this area will work and so on. LOL. I have one sewing machine in the living room, one in a spare bedroom and one on the kitchen table. Fabrics are spread out in the same fashion, but it actually is working fabulously for us. Have fun designing your laundry room and the remainder of your new home! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Becky

    14 September

    Brenda- thanks for sharing your experience. I just finished cleaning it up and actually set the machine on the table! So close to turning it on. I’m pretty sure there will be issues and I might be moving again….. but for now it works. I would love to have a machine in every room…lucky girl!

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