My Master Bedroom Design Change {made when the hon...

My Master Bedroom Design Change {made when the honey went out of town}

That’s right…the honey was gone when I did a big master bedroom design change.

After finding out that the honey was going to scout camp with Jarom for a couple of days last week, I had been plotting and planning the update on the master bedroom.  I even quickly sewed up and quilted a new quilt for the bed the week before he left! {I never plan ahead like that!}

Why, you ask do I wait for him to leave before doing anything? Well, because he is a builder/drafter and because he is a ‘designer’ {his words not mine} I have a lot of strong opinions coming my way…… so I just wait for him to be gone…then I get busy.

My time was short, but I am kind of a simple designer and don’t go over board.  I used what I had, swiped things from other rooms, and only painted a couple of things…so it wasn’t too heavy of a job and very do able for me and 2 days.

Back story- we have been in the house for two years, and while we are slowly updating and finishing spaces {waiting for carpet in the basement!} things on the main floor have been at a stand still.  The shelves in my room were filled with boxes that were just unloaded. No rhyme, no reason.  Just unpacked and stacked.  I had had it with the piles that were surrounding me….so I looked around for some ideas.

My room was dark- dark quilt on the bed, dark side tables, dark shelves {and way too many of them}… big room. Lousy layout.

master bedroom design

master bedroom layout of bed and sidetables

master bedroom photos

I pulled all the multi shelves and chairs out.  Unloaded the books and whatever else was randomly placed on the shelves and vacuumed behind everything.  Yuck.

I had preciously drawn up some ideas on layouts and furniture placements, so I kind of knew what I wanted.  I drug a black leather chair with foot stool into the room…but it didn’t make the cut.  The corner looked dark, and I was trying to get away from that.

Here is what I ended up with.  The original green striped chair went into the corner with my over full quilt ladder behind.

how to decorate a master bedroom

I snagged some things from the other rooms:  X stitch sampler, white pleather chair, nic-nac letter press drawer shelf.   I still have a few plushies stuffed into the basket on the bottom shelf, and of course some folded quilts.

decorating a master bedroom

From the before the master bedroom design happened, you can see from the pics that I have a stacking problem with books.  My sidetable was full!  The worst is when you accidently bump it and they all fall over.  The pile took over under, on the shelf and on the top of the side table. tsk tsk.

That has now changed.  I strategically placed a basket with some little embroidery pillows.  No stacking can take place here!


If you notice I also painted the sidetables and slightly destressed them.  I used spray paint {my first time on furniture} and it turned out wonderful!  I would totally do this again.  This is the project that I was the most worried about.  The honey is a builder and loves wood. Real wood.  You don’t paint wood.  I did!  It took him a bit, but he is ok with it. 🙂

painted sidetable

Keeping with the spray paint obsession, I took red to the lamp posts.  Oh yeah..  They are my favorite!  It will go with the winter or summer quilt.

bedroom makeover quilt top

I switched up a few pillows on the bed to go with the new quilt.  Sewn with Joel Dewberry fabric {which has been sitting around waiting for it’s special day}, and using a pattern from this book – Quilting Obsession.  It’s an extra large pineapple quilt block- and lucky for me, the honey likes it!

master bedroom quilt

finished size: around 95″ X 95″ it’s big!



Can I just say that I want to hide in my room all the time? Just go in, shut the door…. hide.  It isn’t a big change, but the feeling is clean, lighter and much less clutter.  Now, I have the boys room and the girls room slowly coming together too- will share when they happen.

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  1. Carol Stearns

    19 August

    It looks very nice! I’m an interior designer and you did a great job of accessorizing. Just a hint. Books can be used to raise the height of your lamps. Just put a book or two under each lamp and you
    have higher lamps and a place to store them! You have done this in your bookcase with a few things! I like how you have the chair in the reading corner and love the quilt rack! SEW many quilts, SEW little space for them! I give mine away.

  2. Chris

    19 August

    I love the “new” room! It’s amazing how just a few little changes can make such a big change. I need to make some changes in my bedroom, you’ve given me some ideas of how I might make those changes. A big thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jeanne

    19 August

    Your room looks wonderful .I did the same thing when my husband went to pick up our granddaughter this spring . I love your Quilt on the bed.

  4. carol craven

    19 August

    Well, I love it, however, what did Mr. think?

  5. Li

    19 August

    Oooh. A designer/engineer has nothing on you. This ought to be on HGTV for sure. What an original arrangement in the corner. The placement of the shelf/quilts/chair is remarkably pleasing and so fresh. I really like what you have done. Do you love it?

  6. Faith

    19 August

    Looks really nice. I used to hate painting wood, to, until someone told me that real wood will still be there under the paint. I really like the white and red.

  7. Looks great Becky – amazing how a few little changes and some new color can make the place feel so different. Your husband is lucky that was all you did. When mine went out of town once, I bought a huge aquarium – he wasn’t amused.

  8. Dawn

    19 August

    Well done!

  9. Machelle

    19 August

    Very nice! Thanks fir the inspiration!!

  10. Becky

    19 August

    a large aquarium– that’s gutsy! how long did it last?

  11. Becky

    19 August

    I am totally addicted to the paint can now! lol I just took black to the top of a new desk we bought for the boys.

  12. Becky

    19 August

    I am a frequent watcher of the HGTV. Something must have been learned! 🙂 I totally love it…and hide in there daily. Just sit. And smile.

  13. Becky

    19 August

    I am a total quilt hoarder. I do give some away though….and the idea with the books under the lamp is great! I will be giving that a try.

  14. Becky

    19 August

    You are so welcome! It wasn’t too big of things to do. Totally managable for my one person too, and yes, little changes CAN make the biggest difference! Good luck!

  15. Jamie Koenig

    20 August

    I think it turned out very well after you rearanged it.

  16. Your room is lovely and that quilt is spectacular (Love love the backing too!)

  17. Wow! You were a busy bee that weekend! Congrats on the big design change! I especially love those side tables–beautiful! I popped over from The DIY Dreamer–thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  18. Becky

    20 August

    thanks for stopping by- every time I see the white tables I love them ever more!

  19. June

    21 August

    Great job.

  20. Simona

    24 February

    I just watch and collect ideas 🙂 Thank you a lot!

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