My House is Hot

My house is hot and i am not happy.  I got home from camping {it was fun, beautiful} to find that the cooler has been disconnected –so it can be fixed properly– and the temperature inside.  90'  yeah. you read that right.  So after driving 1 1/2 hours in a hot car {that cooler has been broken for 1 year now} with a wind whipped face, i get to sleep with the fan whipping it again.

I am thinking that this means i will be hiding in the sewing cottage in the ground {much cooler than the home at this point} and sewing up a few new things!

Including is a new little project and tutorial for The Sewing loft.  Heather asked me to design along with her for the month of Sept. for Sewing Month! I am totally excited and have decided to do my tutorial on the wooden pressure for paper piecing.  

I am thinking of doing something along this line: 

gnome meadows quilt

This is gnome meadows quilt and the mushrooms are paper pieced.  maybe turn it into a table runner or pillow…. still thinking. 

The background for the quilt is polka dots, that is why your eyes are going buggy.

Anyways– off i go to fill a glass of ice water and maybe i'll just hang out in my bathing suit today…… 

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