Missing Just a Little Bit

Missing Just a Little Bit

I went Friday to an all day sewing day…fun, fun! I love those days.

But, after sewing for a bit on one project– i found I was short on black fabric. yup. like 12" short.

So that means– the black border couldn't be finished + the outer pieced border. ugh.

Moving on to the next project and sewing along……not enough background. What? Is this like a cold and spreads?

Can you find the piece sitting in for the real deal?

That's right. I just slipped something that looked similar {stole it from another project– good thing i brought a few} and sewed it right in. 

This one is done though…lucky for that one piece…..Just need some quilting done. Monkey Bars.  

Deciding whether to add an applique monkey.  What do you think?

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