Media Pocket Tutorial

For the past little bit I have been totally frustrated with my pants that I use for my daily try to get thinner activities.  I have a nice variety of pants and shorts that I have picked up from here and there.  Nothing uniform.  Nothing matchy, matchy.  Who cares right? I for one don't —but what i did find out is that i had one pair that had this hidden pocket inside the front, right below the waist band.  I love it!  I can easily while moving quickly pull the darn music machine out and change a channel, change a song….whatever and slip it back in without tripping on something and falling over while bending over to find it.   The pocket was also big enough to stuff the whole machine in. {some of the new garments have media pockets but they are for tiny machines!}  So after putting this off for longer than I should have I finally added a few media pockets to the rest of my pant and short miss-match collection.

Materials needed:  some extra ribbing, or cotton stretch fabric you have lying around 

1) Cut to 3" X 8"

2) Sew across the 3" end of one side {this will help the pocket keep its shape and not stretch out to kingdom come}

3) Fold it over but not all the way to the top. you will need to have enough space to sew it on to the pants later

4) Sew the sides

Attach to the pants/shorts

Step 1:  Round up your pile of bottoms

Step 2:  Sew the new pocket across the top

Step 3:  Stuff media device into pocket and run….run Forest run!

There ya have it.   It really couldn't be any simpler.  

Happy moving quickly!

* as you might have noticed— yes, i did blow up the .com or home as you call it. I am working on it, so when you go there and the error page is only showing i am aware…and working hard on finding the right files and getting everything back into place. Ugh. the things i do that cause my own stress!

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