Maxi Dress to Skirt Tutorial

The other day while wondering through the mall looking for a homecoming dress for Jerika, I came upon a pretty interesting discovery.

There before me was racks of maxi dresses. Now, I’m not one who loves them. Not a big fan of sweeping the floor with my dress, but as I was staring there looking at the price– {most of them were under $5} I kept thinking to myself….that’s a lot of fabric for super cheap!!!

maxi dress to skirt tutorial | patchwork posse #maxidress #easysewingprojectsMost of the designs were super cute and the fabric lays nicely when worn. It’s not clingy or sticky or staticky.
So– I of course bought me a few to give a try at making them into something new.

They sat in my pile for a week or two and not until after I wore a black skirt {it is my recent favorite} that I thought…how about making those long maxi dresses into another favorite skirt?!

The process is actually pretty simple and quick.  I love that you can customize your length and the look of the skirt.

Maxi Dress to a Skirt Tutorial

1)  Decide what length you are going to cut for the skirt.  I laid my favorite skirt down on top of the maxi dress, making sure that the wrinkles were smooth and the bottom hem was all lined up properly.


2)  Pin in place and cut

maxiskirt23)  Cut another piece around 8″ for the waist band


4)  Serge the edges if you have a serger

5)  If the sides of the band aren’t straight,  you will need to adjust this.  The sides do need to be straight for the band.

6)  Fold the tube in half, making a double sides waist band- serge the edges together along the bottom {I would try the band on to make sure it is tight enough before you do this!}


7)  Using the bands width, make any small side seam adjustments to the skirt.  The band and the top of the skirt need to be the same….or you can gather the skirt along the top to match the band.

8)  Pin the band to the top of the skirt, matching the side seams and back seam if there is one.


9)  Sew across the top and serge





If you find that you don’t want the scrunchy band on your waist you can simple fold the top edge over and hem or serge.  You can add an elastic if you need a little more security across the time.

Looking for more skirt tutorials?  Here are over 30 easy skirt tutorials, a patchwork skirt,  and a super simple elastic waist skirt tutorial.

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Are you totally into adjusting your clothes and altering them so they fit?  I recommend this Craftsy class.  It’s a great place to start.  Take you own clothes to a better fit.


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