Making Your Quilts with a Modern Style

Making Your Quilts with a Modern Style

During the past little bit there has been a little shift or change in the quilting arena.  It has gone a bit modern.  I know, I know there are some out there that are die hard traditional quilters, but I believe that there is a purpose to this ‘modern style’.

For the most part, it’s about bringing things back to simple.  Keeping the layouts and patterns clean and un-cluttered.  It allows us to showcase a different part of the quilt construction- being either the pattern, fabric, or quilting.

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Welcome to the world of exploring and modern design.   I thought I would remind myself just exactly what a modern quilt is and found this From the Modern Quilt Guild—

Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design. Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt. These include, but are not limited to: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work. “Modern traditionalism” or the updating of classic quilt designs is also often seen in modern quilting.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure what my style of quilt designs is.  I am kind of all over the place and can’t really be defined or categorized into one genre.  I love what I love… that traditional sometimes, vintage at other, or more modern in some.  I’m an eclectic quilter that’s for sure.

I am however drawn by the simplicity of what the modern quilts show.  They are designs that allow you to explore way beyond a pattern.  You are given no ‘rules’ to go by and are free to explore different layouts, fabrics, hues and more.  It is a free-er style of quilting and for some this is so hard to do for some of us!  Are you the type of quilter that always follows the rules and make sure the points are perfect and everything lines up?  Or are you one that loves to step outside of the comfort zone and try something new.


It’s not that the quilt itself is sloppy– but that it is a little more free in design making it a bit more controlled though in look and style.

If you are interested in exploring the world of modern design in quilts, you are in luck.  Craftsy has a fantastic, over the top class just on this subject.

Quick note about the teacher– which is fabulous and so smart when it comes to knowing a thing or two about modern quilts…

Photo of Weeks Ringle

Weeks Ringle is the co-founder of Modern Quilt Studio (previously FunQuilts).  She has been designing quilts along with her husband in multiple books and classes.  The way she introduces and talks about the modern design and quilting in fascinating.  You can tell she knows her stuff and is excited about teaching it to others.

The online Designing Modern Quilts Craftsy class starts off with exploring color. You first get yourself comfortable with finding the colors you have a tendency to lean towards or are comfortable with.  To help you move beyond that, you are asked to add a few new colors to that range.


This can be so scary sometimes.  But in the end, this little push to find new colors is great.

The class also takes you into planning your own quilts.  Phew! This can be kind of crazy, but it’s so much fun.  There is a moment in there that they remind you to take into consideration the placement of the quilt when you are done.  Where it is going?  If it’s for a bed, make sure you mark on the design where the edge of the mattress hits so you don’t run into a funky weird look when you are done.  Thinking about the end look is often forgotten when you design on your own.  Having this included in the class is wonderful.

Along with that one of my favorite suggestions was to join a group.  Find others who can help you with feedback, design, color combinations and more.  This is one of my favorite parts of being in the quilting industry.   Surrounding myself with others that are familiar with sewing and quilting.  There is never a quiet moment in a quilt group– there is always something to say.

If you don’t have one to go to, or don’t have the time to start one, Craftsy has a great online community that is available to use.


Before you even start the class– which is available for $14.99 until 12/1/2014, the inspiration is there already with the projects made by others who have taken the class.  This section is a great spot for looking at color combinations and alterations or experiments others have made using the online Craftsy class.  Here are a few that I liked that were posted:

full_1692_124265_BeyondTheBlockResistance_1  full_4939_108316_NewWaveBeach_2


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One quilt that I recently sewed up was the Chunky Wheel Table runner.  It is a little more modern in design.  To push it a bit more over the edge, I’m thinking I’ll make it in solids, with possibly a dark background.  Add some straight line stitching, and it will have a whole new look.

chunky wheel table runner tutorial | patchwork posse #quilting #freepattern #diy

Just in case you are looking for a few modern designs you can sew or be inspired with– 100 days of Modern quilting, 32 free modern quilt tutorials,  25+ Modern quilting ideas.

** Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Craftsy.  I have watched the video and have shared my honest opinions.  There are no affiliate links in this post.

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