Machine Quilting -Feathers, Fillers and Free Motio...

Machine Quilting -Feathers, Fillers and Free Motion & GIVEAWAY!

As everyone knows I am totally excited to be introducing or spotlighting some machine quilting pros- for HMQS.

They are all teaching at the show coming in May and I will X my fingers be able to bump into them during the show- or sneak in and take some notes of the class.

machine quilting patchwork posse

Today we will be focusing on Feathers, Fillers & Free Motion Quilting.  What are all those fancy words you say?  They are a style of quilting, usually describing what kind it is.  During HMQS there are some wonderful classes taught by some super wonderful quilters who specialize in these type of designs.



machine quilting feathers

Feather Machine Quilting is all about a center stem with big petals coming off of it on either size.  They usually are sewn in different lengths, follow a curve and can be trapunto’d, echoed, or filled.  They are not the easiest thing to quilt, however they do give a lot of oomph to a quilt.










machine quilting fillers

Fillers for Machine Quilting is just that.  It is a design that is used to fill in negative or positive space.  Can be an over all repeated design or can vary depending on what you are filling.  They are usually consistant through out the quilt and can run from a swirly design to straight lines.




machine quilting free motion

Free Motion Quilting is the kind I love!  This type of machine quilting is the free-est.  No rulers or templates are used.  It is just you and your hand driving the stitches direction.  This is typically what a beginner quilter would use when starting out with machine quilting.   The puzzle, loops, meander are the easiest to begin with.  This motion practice teaches your body all about your machine, the stitches and design.











This of course is not the list of everyone….there are so many opportunities to take a class, visit the vendor mall and glean some info off of all the instructors and designers.

The whole schedule and the instructor list with their classes on the HMQS page.

To make this even funner how about a giveaway!

madhine quilting hmqs

+ 2 TICKETS for the show

{May 9-11th 2013}

hmqs machine quilting show

This prize package will be divided between 2 WINNERS!!!  Value- Over $70 worth of products and tickets Each!!

WINNER 1) Riley Blake + Pellon Product + Sulky Product + Andover Fabric + 2 Tickets to the show 

Winner is Tami Chaulk


WINNER 2)  Riley Blake fabric + Sulky Product + Andover Fabric + 2 Tickets to the show

Winner is Kerri Hunter!

giveaway hmqs

HMQS  is local to Salt Lake City.

In the event that you are a winner and not in the the area or able to attend, we would love for you to give them to someone close who can make it {you can keep the other goodies}

The tickets will be at the desk for pickup under the winners name.

Tickets will give you access to the vendor mall and the quilt show only. You will need to register for classes seperatetly to attend.

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED NEXT TUESDAY!- contest is over, winners have been chosen. thanks everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you going to the show? Will I meet you there?

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  1. Dorothy Matheson

    30 April

    I have been getting your e-mail for a few weeks. I cannot attend the Utah show as I live in Central Texas but would like to be in the drawing. There is a large guild here so could give the tickets away if I should be so lucky as to win.

  2. June Dodge

    30 April

    Says the contest has not started yet – but I’ll write my comment now. This show sounds like a wonderful one to attend. I’d have to check to see how much tickets are – but if I won and couldn’t come I’ve got people to give the tickets too! Thank you for putting my name in the drawing.

  3. Sheryl Miller

    30 April

    I would love to have the chance to win this. Thank you. Love your site!

  4. maria

    30 April

    Hi.I really want to know the name of the black quilt ; the one with the flying geese; is there a pattern, I really want it .I cant attend to any semminar or class because I live in puerto Rico am right now I can travel. Thanks for your attention.

  5. I so wish I lived close enough to go to the show – what an awesome lineup! So when is it coming to the NorthEast – preferably New Jersey!

  6. Tami

    1 May

    I’ll be at HMQS!! Can’t wait. I’m signed up for 8 classes…. and will need some fabric when it’s all over to I can practice what I learn in the classes. I’m so excited, I can’t wait. I hope to meet you there.

  7. JillB

    3 May

    I am doubly jealous of all who are going to the quilt show. #1 – it is a quilt show!! #2 I have been to SLC twice (I live in Ohio) and really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful time, meeting and learning and taking it all in. Thanks for the chance at the give-away even though I am not attending!

  8. Hi… I would like to have them !! I love your website..I live in Chile .. thanks you.

  9. Terri C

    3 May

    I love all quilting designs! That’s my favorite part of a quilt. I’m a fan of outline quilting and I adore feathering.

  10. Cheryl Dwyer

    3 May

    I wish I could attend this show, but I live in Central Michigan. I really want to win the drawing though, the products will have a wonderful home, I promise.

  11. Melissa

    3 May

    My first quilt was just a bunch of 9×9 squares I put together. I’m working on my 2nd quilt ever now – and am using the “Can’t cut this” pattern. I love how easy it was to put together.

  12. Katie Clark

    3 May

    I don’t have a favorite quilting design…but I’d love to learn more about quilting. I got a new machine awhile back that has quilting functions and I want to use them sometime.

  13. Corinne

    4 May

    I love feathers. I am jealous of not being able to go to the show. I live in upstate NY. I also, love and use Riley Blake designs.

  14. Szamóca

    4 May

    I’d love to win one of your prizes. Unfortunately can not attend, since living in Europe (but one day would like to visit az American (any American) Quilt show).

  15. Tami Chaulk

    4 May

    I wish I lived close enough to go to the show but I would like to win all the goodies! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Janice

    5 May

    I hope I did everything right. New to facebook as I just started today. That’s where I found your blog, very interesting since I just started machine quilting my tops this year. I love working with star quilts and triangle patterns.

  17. Julie B

    5 May

    Thanks for the chance to win some great products.

  18. Diana

    6 May

    my favorite design is freework.

  19. Lyanna L

    6 May

    My favorite quilting design is fillers that are geometric. Thanks for the chance to win. =)

  20. Donna S Lucas

    6 May

    What a great stash of goodies, and what a great idea to give the tickets to someone in the area wanting to go. It’s a win-win situation!

  21. Diane W

    6 May

    I wish I lived close enough to go to the show, but I’d still like to win the other goodies. I am a modern quilter, so my favorite quilting design is geometrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Jennifer Thompson

    6 May

    I’m new to quilting so I’m not really sure which quilting design is my favorite. I have made about 5 quilt tops but each my own way. I’d love to learn more about these types and about quilting altogether. I live in NC so I couldn’t go, but I’d love to win the other goodies, thanks!

  23. Leanna Chideste

    6 May

    Love the prizes!

  24. Beth B

    6 May

    What a nice giveaway! If I am lucky enough to win, please give the tickets to someone in the area. Gee, it sure would be nice to attend the show. Thanks for the chance to win the goodies.

  25. Karen

    6 May

    I love free motion as well, but in a contemporary quilt I really love chevron patterns or very angular lines. Thats hard to do straight!! I would not be able to attend if I won, so please pass along the tickets to someone really deserving in my place! I appreciate the opportunity!!


  26. Becky Greene

    6 May

    I love square stippling right now!

  27. Raina DelRio

    6 May

    I love Free Motion quilting

  28. April Lopez

    6 May

    I love all the designs. Wish I could do that.

  29. Lynne Johnson

    6 May

    Everybody loves a giveaway!

  30. Kelly Hochstetler

    6 May

    Love the feather design.

  31. Deanna

    6 May

    While elaborate machine quilting is beautiful in its own way, I tend to like a variety of simple designs and straight lines. Thanks for the giveaway chance. My daughter and I would love to attend the show.

  32. I love this quilting show! I am planning on attending this year, as I did the past few years. It is really a good one! Last year my husband (a Veteran) was honored with a beautiful red, white and blue patchwork quilt. It was just spectacular, and we plan on hanging it in the front room very soon.
    My favorite quilting stitch are the beautiful feathers that enhance a quilt.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Margaret Schindler

    6 May

    I am just learning but feathers are my favorite

  34. Sara

    6 May

    Awesome giveaway!!

  35. Rachel

    6 May

    wow, what a cool giveaway! I am currently collecting fabric for my first quilt….free style machine quilting is by far my favorite, though I imagine it will be a couple of quilts before I am ready to tackle it. In the meantime, I keep watching

  36. Rachel

    6 May

    wow, what a cool giveaway! I am currently collecting fabric for my first quilt….free style machine quilting is by far my favorite, though I imagine it will be a couple of quilts before I am ready to tackle it. In the meantime, I keep looking and pinning favorites!

  37. Sally from CA

    6 May

    I love your creativity and fun sense of humor. I would like to enter the giveaway and would especially like to win the Riley Blake Fat Quarters. Thanks!

  38. Jane

    6 May

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway. I couldn’t figure out how to upload a picture. I’m computer blonde! This giveaway is amazing!

  39. De

    6 May

    I am taking a Craftsy class to learn more about free motion quilting ~ maybe some day I’ll be able to do feathers, which is one of my favorites!!

  40. Jane

    6 May

    I downloaded a picture!!!

  41. Pak

    6 May

    I love watercolor quilts!

  42. Jeri Niksich

    6 May

    I’m just teaching myself to quilt right now I have the blocks for my 1st quilt done & about to do sashing & boarders & scared about the FMQing this would be a great help in that area! 🙂

  43. Ywecker

    6 May

    Hi Becky:

    I would truly love to win these lovelies! If I win, I will give the tickets to the show back so someone local may attend. Pick me, please.

  44. Tonya

    6 May

    Wow! What a wonderful list of teachers. Sure wish I could be there….Those teachers are going to be so inspiring to the students!!

  45. Heidi

    6 May

    I love quilt designs with hexagons because it reminds me of honeycomb!

  46. Rebecca N

    6 May

    My favorite quilting design is Stippling. I love it. Feathers are beautiful, too.

  47. Dina Newton-Edwards

    6 May

    I like crazy quilting more than any other

  48. Pat Upton

    6 May

    I love love love the double wedding ring pattern. I have one my grandmother pieced and quilted in 1933!

  49. Christine Sherman

    6 May

    I like random flowers

  50. Jen

    6 May

    Would love to win and share the tix with someone local!

  51. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    6 May

    WOW! What a nice give away…Thank you for sharing.

  52. Laura K.

    6 May

    What a great giveaway! the fabrics are such vibrant colors. I’d love to win these fabrics and the other great goodies.

  53. if i’m the lucky one the tickets can go to someone who live closer by 🙂

  54. Chris

    6 May

    I would love to win this great prize package! I’m too far to come to the show in Utah and would donate my tickets back.

  55. Cathy Johnson

    6 May

    The free quilting design is my favorite


    6 May

    I would love to win this giveaway. NOT ABLE TO ATTEND, but would love to have the other goodies. Thank you

  57. Amy

    6 May

    I love free motion quilting. It’s probably my fave, but I’m a sucker for any well quilted quilt. There is some serious skill involved.

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