Living Room Update- It’s About Time!

Living Room Update- It’s About Time!

When the honey goes out of town, I usually go a little crazy in the home.  Not because he is missing, but because I have so many ideas and plans to do while he’s gone!

Background- he’s a general contractor.  He is picky and has a pretty strong opinion on colors, arrangements..etc.    So- when he is gone, I make plans.  Last time he was gone I updated the bedroom.

This time– it was the living room’s turn.


We have been in this house for 3 years now.  Way to long to still be looking so shabby and miss-matched inside.  I was ok with it, but at some point I got fed up and thought that it’s time to make a change.  We need to make the home a little more nicer looking. Get into the grown-up, my house looks pretty darn nice stage.

Nothing too crazy, but the simple changes I made, I love.  And, by the way- when he returned and found what I had done, he approved.  🙂

This is what I did:


1- bought new curtains.  yellowish color with geometric design.  (wish they were longer) but they work.  Lightened the whole room up.  The front bay window has painting tarp curtains.  Let’s a ton of light in without baking us.  No one really likes them– I totally do so they are staying!  I hung a curtain rod on the large side window and pulled it from shelf to shelf.  The window was not centered and this helped!  I could trick the centered window with the curtains.  Looks great.


2- made new pillow covers.  I spent a total of $40 on fabric for the pillows.  The pillows were in great shape and down- there were 6 of them.  I had a few pieces already that I threw in, plus picked up a few more at yard sales.  I kept with the blue/green theme.  One pillow I made with a cutter quilt I had.  Ribbon ties were added to keep it closed.

3- bought 2 tables.  $15 each.  I saw this on pinterest where they put the square ones side by side to make a larger coffee table. Love how it turned out.  Was thinking I would paint them, haven’t yet. Still thinking.


4-  repainted the black table to apple green.  Love the new color.  Lightens the room and kind of disappears.

5-  rearranged the furniture.  After trying a few combinations, I came up with the couches facing each other, with the table in the middle.  Very cosy.   The couches are extremely large and kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.  Now, they are great.  Even the the couch is in the entry area, you can walk around it on either side.  That makes the flow of the room just fine.


6-  bought a t.v. table.  No t.v. yet, but I’m on the hunt.  $20  I find that when I want to watch t.v. I have to go to my room and lay on the bed.  There is no spot for me, so a t.v. is coming.


7-  new chair-  free + $20 in fabric.  This chair haunted me for a few days.  I had seen it in a donation pile.  It sat there.  I thought about it.  Then ignored it, then thought about it again.  While the honey was gone dropping something off, I took the car, drove to where it was, stuffed it into the car, drug it into the sewing cottage and hid it there until he left.  Then I pulled it out and recovered it with new batting to cover the forms and new fabric.  I had silver fancy nails heads to keep the fabric in place along the bottom.  I love, love how it turned out.  It is a great solid chair, and is so comfortable!  Glad I gave into it and picked it up.


8-  New shelf arrangements, new quilts on display, new rug.  A few of these I dug around the house and pulled into the living room for display.  A quick rearrange on the shelves and tables and draping of quilts and we are good to go.

The update cost me around $100 {which I earned the week before selling extras at a yard sale}.  Before I started I had a very clear idea of what colors I was going for, what pieces of furniture I needed and kind of the overall look.  I wandered a few stores on one day picking up the curtains and supplies, but overall this was done in 3 days total.

To give you an idea of what I started with: in my defense– I had already started pulling things around and quickly snapped a shot before I forgot.  So it isn’t normally piled with quilts.

I had three couches in the one space, the blue one was hidden behind the front door when it opened.  But really it was kind of a mishmashed of everything and not very nice looking.


I am so glad I did this.  I kind of feel like a grown up — it feels so nice in that room now.  I love going in there and hanging out and reading.  It makes me happy.

Have any suggestions or hints/tips for making quick small changes that make a large difference?

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  1. Janet

    7 July

    Oh the things we can accomplish when hubby leaves !! Last year my husband was gone three days and returned to find the bedroom a different color. I was able to repaint everything except the wall the bed sat on…….could not move the bed by my self. The best thing was when he had to admit the new color was an improvement!

  2. Carol Stearns

    7 July

    Tip from an interior Decorator, find a nice complimentary fabric, floral or geometric, something to pull in the brown of the sofas, and sew a lengthy border onto the bottom of your draperies! It will pull everything together, lengthen your drapery and you can use the same fabric on your next quilt to throw over the sofa.

  3. Abby

    7 July

    As someone who also has been in our current house three years without doing anything except paint my office, the quickest improvement is hanging something (quilts or framed pictures) on the walls. Yet I still have blank walls around. Keep chipping away at it, you’re doing great.

  4. Leilani

    7 July

    Great job. I agree with the border for the bottom of the drapes! Well done!

  5. Tania

    7 July

    It looks like the draperies have a very wide hem. If you do not want to do a border, you can lengthen them by taking the hem out and making a very narrow hem. But, I also agree with the idea of a border on the bottom of the drapes.

  6. Peg

    8 July

    Becky it looks great, I especially love your recovered chair, I’m all for reinventing furniture that’s given good service to its former owners. A new cover can give a whole new look to a chair and room plus using fabric from your stash makes it economical too. Lovely!

    Peg xx

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