Little Red Chicken Coop

I thought I would share a few shots from the little red chicken coop…and of course the newest little additions – 2 chicks and one duck.

Now, who would have thought a duck would get so big? Yeah– they do!  We’ve had one before, but I swear it didn’t grow at this rate and wasn’t this large.  I guess we just have to deal with it….or the chicks do.

chicken coop

They don’t mind her though, she snuggles them and chases after them or anything else trying to get to them. She’s like their momma.  Too cute.

red chicken coop

Miss Daisy is like their guard. She is the first one out to check on them and loves to lounge in front of their coop to make sure they are ok.

daisy the gaurd

Because we have chickens again, we will be collecting their feed bags.  And that means projects.

chicken feed bag tutorial

Can’t wait to make more projects with those feed bags!

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