Linda’s Home in Redwork

Besides quilting i have been doing some hand stitching. This time it was on a friends Linda's home.  

Here is my copy after the tracing and stuff with the marker.  I changed the front bushes into spikey ones –they looked better.  And, she didn't know it, but i planted a tree on the left side. haha.  It needed something and she said- funny, there's a tiny thing there.  The front trees were much more grand in the photo– but then you wouldn't see the house at all.  So, they were trimmed up quite a bit. 

I stitched with 2 threads -straight stitch.  I have been stitching a few other things this past week or so and have been practicing stem stitch.  Didn't feel too confident about it quite yet to do it for someone else. 

Just in case you want to know– I used this tutorial— turning your photo into redwork.

Give it a try. Super fun!

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