Like me on Facebook would ya?!

Like me on Facebook would ya?!

That is kind of upfront isn't it? Well, no sense in beating around the bush here!

I am determined to make my facebook page do more than just hang around and show off posts.

— i am adding little extra snippets and if i get to my goal….which is 


I know, dreaming big!  but of course there is something in it for you– the liker:

I am planning on releasing something to all the fans. 

Haven't decided which.

Would you like:

1)  Issue #1 of The Sewing Cottage Magazine


2)  The Quick Stitch e-book

So what say you?!  

Let me know and don't forget to like me—

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Just for fun….leave in the comments your facebook page and i'll like you back if you'd like. 


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  1. Linnea Laufer

    24 August

    I did a like on your fan page! I would love too see the First issue of The Sewing Cottage Magazine!

  2. posse boss

    25 August


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