Leggings Pattern Review I love them!

Leggings Pattern Review I love them!

I had the opportunity to get a test run at a pattern by Go To Patterns— Go To Leggings.  Can I say L O V E?!

Eliza was of course my ginea pig {which she doesn’t mind because she gets to keep the pants} and lucky for us, they matched perfectly with the skirt she was wearing.

I had picked up the fabric awhile back at a thrift store {super great deal} and it was perfect for this project.  The inside of the fabric was smooth and comfortable and just enough stretch.  At first she said it was granny material, but when it was all done it was re-labled to CUTE!

cutest legging pattern ever by Go To Patterns | pattern review |

We used the largest size of the leggings pattern.  The pieces for the template were easy to put together, and these are seriously the fastest pants I have ever sewn!

The instructions were clear…there were multiple additions to the pattern you could try- pockets, cut out on the back of the leg.

We went with simple because really she wanted these for pajamas.

legging pattern for girls. easy to sew

They are super comfortable and the waist band is a cinch!  I loved that they were actually sewn to the top of the pants and not threaded through like I typically sew.

There is no extra bulk to them {unless you choose to add the pocket} so they can be worn under skirts, long shirts or worn by themselves.  They are skinny too- isn’t skinny in?

I am thinking that you could probably wear your boots right on top of them too- Very workable!

go to leggings pattern review

You can pick the pattern up for yourself here Check out the current sales at Go To Patterns.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing your pattern with me, and allowing me to review it! * I received the pattern for free, but all opinions are my own.

What’s your favorite way to wear leggings? or Do you have a favorite leggings pattern?

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  1. Andrea

    21 October

    Thank you SO much for making these, Becky! I’m so glad you love them!

  2. A quick question. I’ve made these twice now and both times they have run a little small. Did you find the same thing? I was making them as gifts so I didn’t have any little girls to try them on. So I tried them on my boys and they were about a size small… Thanks!

  3. Becky

    20 May

    Shannon, i thought mine were a little small too, but my daughter wears a size larger than the pattern goes to, so i thought that was the problem.

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