Learning to Stem Stitch- again

The last few weeks I have been slowly stitching away on some blocks for a new quilt— and i have forced myself to REALLY learn how to Stem stitch.

A lot of you out there do this stitch instead of a running stitch {which i totally do out of laziness} and I figured it was about time to do it.


Close up of the stitching— doing all right, if i do say so myself!  This is the last one i did.  Totally not showing you the first one. 🙂

Here is a great photo how-to of the stem stitch just in case you would like to brush up on your stem stitches too–

What did you do for April Fools?  I replaced jelly bellies with the harry potter yucky ones and we had them as a treat on Sunday.  The looks and gags were fantastic! 

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