Ladder Stitch for Closing Dolls & Plushies

Ladder Stitch for Closing Dolls & Plushies

I love sewing stuffed animals and sewing dolls.  I am pretty much smiling the whole time.  They have their own little character and personality– and I love it.  I’m almost like Geppetto from Pinocchio.  Except the fact that I am a girl, not boy and I design with fabric, not wood. Anyways–  Sewing along.  I have found a few hints for stuffing dolls and plushies along the way.  Today I will be hitting the how to embroidery with the ladder stitch to close your dolls and plushies.

The ladder stitch is a basic movement of the needle going back and forth on the edge of the fabric- catching just a bit of each side.  When pulled tight the thread will kind of gather the edges together, almost looking like it was a true seam.

Some hints when sewing the ladder stitch-

* Use a stronger thread.  I use a hand quilting thread which is a bit thicker than regular thread.  It has handle the pull or gathering against it and won’t snap and make you say choice words.

* Place the opening needed for turning {this is where you close using the ladder stitch} somewhere a little hidden.  I like to choose under the arm, just above the leg first.  The top of the head is an ok spot too– but it might have a curve to watch out for.

* Keep your stitches small and close together.  Anywhere this is a little hole, your stuffing will sneak out.  Noone likes a furry stitch!

* Iron down the opening with the seam allowance tucked under.  This will help you find the right fold to stitch and make your life sooooo much happier when stitching!

With all that in mind- you are ready for your ladder stitch guide:

 ladder stitch tutorial // patchwork posse

If you are ready to give the ladder stitch a try and sew some dolls and plushies- Hop on over to my shop to search my patterns.  There is a variety of style, size and characters.

What kind of stitches are your favorite when sewing dolls and sewing stuffed animals?  Do you have a go-to stitch?  Let me know in the comments so I can give it a try.

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  3. Kristy

    24 June

    Great tips and pics! Thanks for sharing! I’ve pinned to my Plushie board and think this will be very helpful for those sewing in support of The FLUFF Project at Hopeful Threads!

  4. […] compressed and develops a more dense feel to it.  This can be mimicked in a new plush by removing some of the stuffing.  Choose a seam that is not very noticeable- often the neck seam or a seam under the arm will be a good choice.  Carefully open the seam, go slowly and remove one stitch at a time.  When you have enough of an opening to work with, take a needle and thread and put a couple of stitches on each end of the opening.  This is to prevent fraying or accidental tearing while removing the stuffing.  Now you can remove some stuffing and arrange the remainder until you achieve the right look.  If your child’s original plush was very worn, an option is to replace the stuffing with dense quilt batting.  When you are done, close the seam using a ladder stitch.  If you need help with stitching, check out Patchwork Posse’s super clear ladder stitch tutorial! […]

  5. Testdee

    1 January

    The instructions show a closed stitch, but how do you actually do it?

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