Kitchen Table Binding

I don't know about you— but i am not a big fan of binding. I find myself all humped over if i am sitting …eventually my head is in my lap.   Because I bend over the binding.  Do you do that?

So…..this weekend I decided to just hog up the kitchen table with my balloon quilt and finished the binding! weeeee. 

It's not the most comfortable place to sit and bind for a bit of time….but it does keep the quilt free to move around and not weigh me down. 

for some reason i miss-calculated the binding length and have quite a few strips hanging around extra……hmmmm.

Do you have a favorite spot to bind?

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  1. I think using the kitchen table to hold the weight of the quilt is a great idea. My favorite place to bind?…the sewing machine lol. I machine sew my binding on most of the time. I know my quilts are going to get washed alot so I want the binding to last.

  2. posse boss

    31 January

    i totally use the machine all the time. This time i thought…no lets so it by hand. dumb idea. lol

  3. Régina

    10 February

    I’ve sewn and quilted plenty by hand with a table to hold the weight of the project. Nowadays everything happens on the sewing machine, though.
    Nice quilt, by the way 😉

  4. Carol Gammer

    21 March

    How do you sew the binding on instead of hand sewing the back?, I would really like to do that.

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