Indoor Digs

This year the cold has been obnoxious! It is frigid.  The has seriously been way too many days under the amount of 30 degrees for us.  The highs don’t get past the 25 mark. So, what does that mean for me?

It’s too cold to sew in the sewing cottage! argh.  This is not the kind of weather I like.  I don’t mind shoveling my way to the door to enter.  I don’t mind using my remote control to turn on the heater in the morning so by mid afternoon it’s warm enough to sew. No.  I can handle it.

new sewing spot in the sun room. light and bright!

When it get this cold though, there is no way to heat the cottage up enough to stand inside long enough to cut fabric.  It is freezy!

I end up so layered up that it’s hard to get anything done because I can’t bend the arms or move the head! {visualize the little kiddo all stuffed in the snowsuit}

This has led me to the moving a few things around in the home to accomidate my stuff.  I moved my machine inside last year, but it was on the dining table and I didn’t think a repeat of that would be well recieved by the family.  Plus, there is the computer. Where does that go?

So this long silly story getting longer leads me to- my new winter sewing/creating spot.

I am tucked off of the kitchen in a small sun room {the windows whistle when the wind blows because they just aren’t right}, the floor has temp carpet tossed down, and the table is a plastic portable one.  But for now it works!

In fact I really like sitting in there.  Plenty of light- great spot for taking pictures.  I am not shut out by myself and isolated {even though I totally do that on purpose sometimes!}.

It still looks pretty good. I only bring in what I need and then out it goes when I am done.  new-sewing-spot2

Until the cold snap goes away…. or spring time shows up {you never know which one will be tomorrow}, this is where you will find me most days.

The big question is– Do you move your sewing spot in the winter?

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  1. Cheryl

    6 January

    So glad you could move inside when it’s cold! I think your winter area looks cozy and bright.

  2. Arletta Freeze

    19 February

    Sounds like me!! When it gets below 35, then it’s too cold in my shed! I have a fabric room in my house, so I have a sewing space there, too. Same goes for summer time, if it’s too hot, back in the house I go. This summer I will have a larger air conditioner, so I hope that helps.

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