Improvisational Piecing with Modern Design

Improvisational Piecing with Modern Design

Craftsy is the place where you can find online quilting and sewing classes {along with a variety of other topics}.  There are patterns or shops, {check out mine here} projects pages, forums, kits, supplies and more!

Craftsy is a great place to go for information, patterns, and learning- from beginner to advanced.  There is definitely something for everyone.


I was totally excited when the Improvisational piecing class showed up.  I am all for sewing freely— without worry and perfect everything.

Craftsy is offering this class at 50% off and the discount is available for 1 week!

Even though I can do this on my own and have attempted it successfully in the past, it was so fun to give it a try from an instructor with all the directions made for me to follow.

This class covers everything you could ever want to know about free sewing and design.  Even though you are using scraps there is a different look with your finished quilts.  They are more modern and clean.

What You’ll Learn~

  • Stitch and flip technique
  • Slice and Insert
  • Crazy piecing
  • Large points or banners

Along with those techniques Jacquie goes over choosing fabrics, playing with your layout, and assembling your quilt.


All of these techniques are put to work though. You don’t just learn and never finish….you are shown how to make multiples of each and put them together in a quilt top.

Of course you can decide how large you want to go with your project.  Starting off small is a great place!

Along with the video classes that you can watch, pause, listen to in fast sound, and save your place–

You have the ability to upload images of the projects you have done using the class and the techniques.  I love this part of the class.  Finding encouragement and inspiration from others is so easy.  It’s simple to upload and browse projects from around the world.


This class is perfect for beginners or advanced quilters.  It will help you explore the modern world of quilts, let loose of those restricting rules of quilting and dip your needle into designing your own quilts.

One of the first quilts I designed was the ‘cranky quilt‘.  It goes beyond this a little bit and cuts points, and makes your quilt blocks crooked.

This has been one of my favorite classes on Craftsy so far.

If you are interested in letting loose in your quilting, I would recommend starting here.  Give the class a try- explore new techniques and learn a little bit about the modern quilt world while you are at it!

Claim your 50% discount on this class here, available for only 1 week!

** Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Craftsy.  I have watched the video and have shared my honest opinions.  There are no affiliate links in this post.

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