I’M A WINNER!! yay for me….

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Look what i won:

Fabric Covered Magnets kit GIVEAWAY!
turn your fabric covered buttons into magnets. This giveaway is a kit so you can make your own! It includes the button kit, fabric scraps, and magnets!

Can you believe it? I really can’t either. how lucky am i today?! I am so excited to get it and try it out. I am all for a new project. i will definitely post when it is completed.
The pixie girl has gotten to me, i don’t think it is her fault though. i have of course made another one, and have two more in the works…..can you blame me? Here is the newest member of the family.

I took pictures all along the way of construction and I am seriously thinking of making her into a pattern. But I need a little help…..who better to ask then the blog world of craft knowers!
I need some pattern critiques. I would like 3 or 4 people to try out the pattern and give me some feedback.
So the first 3 or 4 who post a comment and mention that they would be a pixie pattern partner (how’s that for a tongue twister,,,,,say it fast three times), I will email you the pdf file this weekend.
I do need one thing in return: I need a commitment from you that you will email/contact me after you have finished and let me know what you think, likes, dislikes…etc.
I think it is always easy to do your own (make things from your own pattern or memory), but it is another to write one up for another to follow.
Remember–these girls are around 6″ tall, so the turning of the legs, and arms are a little small—-speaking from me, miss slightly chubby fingers. Can you pass the nimble test?
So who is up for it?! Who needs a little homework for the weekend?
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