How to Survive in The Sewing Cottage during the Wi...

How to Survive in The Sewing Cottage during the Winter

So, if you don't pay attention to the weather {i totally don't, except that I know Australia is having a heat wave -maybe this will cool you off!} you aren't aware that we are a freezing our toochies and there is snow surrounding use on all sides here in Utah!

Having myself a little sewing cottage is kind of handy when I want to be messy, not clean up….. it's a little cooler in the Summer I love this space! But, really the winter is testing my patience.  It has been cold. Super cold. We are talking 14 degrees for more than 4 days and then this last weekend it dumped snow from the sky for 3 days. 

This is a quick run down of an obstacle course I go through to make it out there— just to sew!

The following pictures happen after I turn my heater on {thankfully, i don't have to brave it out there for that anymore! I bought myself a plug time that has a remote!! I can stand in the toasty house and turn it on from there- sweet!}.  The heat has to be on for a good 2 hours before I head out there.  I still wear boots, coat and scarf…but it is acceptable.

pink boots  scarf

After kicking the door to loosen it from the ice shield- I am met with:


Watch out for the dropping of water down your back or an icicle falling!


Shoveling my path— so the boots won't track in the whole backyard of snow into the sewing cottage


Finally inside I am met with unhappy sewing machines.  They are troopers to be out here bearing the cold! Poor girls.  I turn them on and let them run for a few minutes without a needle to warm up. 


How do you survive in your sewing cottage or sewing room during the winter?  Have any tricks to share?


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  1. Michele

    14 January

    You are one brave quilter.

  2. Linnea

    14 January

    My sewing room is in the house and we don’t get snow here, but it can get cold. Our furnace does not work so we use space heaters. I have one in the sewing room. It has warmed up enough I can turn it off for awhile. Good luck with staying warm in your sewing room!


  3. pamwest

    14 January

    Now that is what I would call freezing, gold star for your efforts.

  4. Michelle

    14 January

    What a gorgeous view! I wish I had a view like that from my sewing room. I get to stare at a wall or a dog crate and sometimes I can’t move my chair because a 60 pound dog is in the way. You are dedicated and I give you that. At least you don’t have any distractions out there like dishes and laundry. 🙂

  5. whosies

    15 January

    no dishes and laundry, those aren’t allowed! lol it is a nice view….the snow is so quiet. a little deceptive yes, but quiet.

  6. Judy

    16 June

    When we had a new barn built for the chickens and the goats, I called Dobson on the old little barn. I want to turn it into a sewing and craft/repurpose workshop. after seeing what you did I’m excited to get started. We live in VT and it looks just like that in the winter. Tell me more about the remote heat. I will need that.

  7. Becky

    25 June

    Judy- for now, I just plug in an oil heater. I have a remote control on/off so I can push it from the house and wait. When it’s been a bit of time, I head out and start working. Good luck with yours!

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