How to Antique your Quilt Top

I finished up a quilt top the other day— Charm-a-long.   and it just didn’t work….you know the background was wwwaaaayyyy too light for the whole quilt. So, after a bit of debating I decided to give it a dunk and antique it.

Just in case you would like to antique your own quilt top here is a quick little instruction on how to:

Materials needed:

  • big bowl
  • hot water
  • tan dye by Rit. I used the liquid kind
  • item you are antiqueing

Fill up the bowl with a bit of hot water.

Dump a bunch of tan dye. Don’t be shy now…….Stuff your quilt top into the water

Let it sit for a bit…..

Rinse the top until the water runs clear.  Throw into the dryer or dry outside for a bit.

HINT:   if you want a uniform color than mix it into the water.  If you want it splotchy a bit, then don’t mix it.



What do you think? How do you antique your quilt tops?

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