Home Machine Quilting Show Wrap Up

Home Machine Quilting Show Wrap Up

Last week I had a wonderful time with my mom and some other gals wandering around the HMQS {Home Machine Quilting Show}.  Man, I love this show! It is so inspiring and overwhelming really.  Totally gets the brain juices going….. for me at least.

I wasn’t able to take any classes, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy all the beautiful sights.  And, let me tell you there were a lot of sights!  The quilts this year were so wonderful.  My mom had her quilt in this year along with around 15 or so other quilts.  They were all the same pattern, but different layouts and fabric.  I love, love seeing those kind of things.  I am always in awe with how others interpret designs and color.  So fun.

They also had a section for Modern Quilts.  I think I spent the most time there.  The simple lines– quilting, everything was awesome.

This year the machine quilting didn’t disappoint.  It was a great show.  I did notice that there wasn’t as many quilts shining brightly with crystals….but the quilting was over the top.  You can find out who the winners are over on HMQS site.

Here I am with Patsy {one of the cute gals that run the show} and my mom and her fantastic and perfect points Kaffe Quilt….with my stash of goodies I brought home- apparently I was in a thread mood! and check out the notions booth…..had to hide my hands in the pockets so I wouldn’t get out of control.  Man I love that stuff!


Great Machine Quilting

machine quilting HMQS // patchwork posse


Modern Machine Quilts


Fun Quilt Patterns

quilt_designcollage3machine quilting design

This little series of quilts were so fun.  It was a journal quilt. There were I think 9 total in the series.  She started them to try out fabric dye, bleaching and color changing.  Each day she worked on an 8″ X 8″ I think and then journaled with a sharpie pen the happenings of the day.  She discovered after she started that she had cancer, so some of the blocks refer to her treatments and how she felt…. little acts of love..ect.  It was wonderful.  Great idea in itself and then to have a story.  So precious.

journal quilts

My all time favorite quilt though was a Round Robin quilt based on Frank Loyd Wright.  I know, what a wonderful idea! I sooo so love his homes and designs.  The quilt is definitly not the typical run of the mill quilt- but I do love it.


If you are ever in the area when the show is going on– it is a must see.  They really know how to show off some beautiful quilts and those who enter for judging are truly out of this world quilters.  I always look forward to each Machine Quilting Show every year.

I am inspired to do better quilting with the screaming banchee….  and can’t wait to get quilting again!

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