HMQS 2015

This year I dropped into HMQS for one day. I love walking around, looking at a few new products, watching demonstrations and of course picking up a few things for myself.
The quilts on display are always overwhelmingly beautiful. I am in awe at the talent, time and the finished quilts on display. They truly are inspirational to walk through and read about.
This post is a bit image heavy….but hey, there is nothing better than looking at quilts.

*if you click on the image you can see it in a larger size.

hmqs5 hmqs4

hmqs3 hmqs2

hmqs1  20150508_150421 20150508_150411

This is the most incredible quilt I have ever seen.  If you stood in a different spot you would see something new!

20150508_150304 20150508_150258

20150508_150248 20150508_150217

20150508_150132 20150508_145912

20150508_145902 20150508_145723


Who doesn’t love bacon?

20150508_144344 20150508_144255

20150508_143842 20150508_143339

20150508_143329 20150508_143002



There was a special display of Dresdens!  The quilts were incredible.  All had the same dresden plates, but they layout was determined by the piecer.  So fun to see how they put them together.

20150508_133916 20150508_133756

20150508_133716 20150508_133619

20150508_133606 20150508_133601

20150508_133556 20150508_133542

20150508_133536 20150508_133531




This is the pile of goodies I ended up with:


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  1. Annie Guebara

    3 June

    Becky thank you for photos of the gorgeous quilts. However, being one to complete small projects quickly , your blog is #1 for me. Your ability to originate such easy, beautiful projects is just what I need.

  2. Gail Brown

    3 June

    What beautiful quilts, absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for the pictures. Nice little pile of goodies you got for yourself.

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