Hexi Baby Preview


I read all the feedback on the hexi baby quilt and after staring at it for wayyyy to long, i found that i really liked #3's border the best.  But i did also agree that it totally needed a stop border.  something to give the eye a rest from all those extra large hexi pattern.

I was up at my moms last week for an impromptu sewing day….and along with her help we came up with:

3 borders– oh yeah. you can never have to many can you?!

First border is a tiny folded border.  Kind of like a piping edge without the rope inside.  Then i added the 2 additional borders to make it just a bit bigger and tie in some more colors and calm it all down with the busy outside print and the busy inside hexi's.

So, what do you think?  Did i do ok?!

Now- it's ready for the next step of quilting— 


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  1. Ruth

    20 August

    Hexies! Don’t you just love them?

  2. posse boss

    21 August

    i totally do! especially when they are super easy like the cheater way. lol

  3. posse boss

    25 August

    i totally do! especially when they are quick, simple and big! lol

  4. Lori Morton

    26 August

    You did Awesome job Kiddo!!! Looooove Hexie”s! & gettin’ braver every day to try em myself! LOL

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