Halloween Machine Quilting

This little halloween wall hanging dropped into the sewing cottage –for some quilting.  {thank you Marilyn}

My notes– dark thread. 

oh, my goodness how do i deal with quilting with dark thread?!  Halloween designs too?!

Luckily for me Marilyn sent over with the quilt the pattern front cover…which showed sort of how the quilting went.  I however, can't play by all the quilting rules and had to do a few things on  my own.

The notion of having the thread dark is a bit scary— especially against a light background!  It will show —EVERYTHING– talk about a little bit of anxiety about that!

After getting over that and having a clearer idea of what designs i was going to do— off i went.

I thought i'd let you in on how i did it— since there might be others who had the same scary reaction to the notion of quilting halloween– in dark thread.

Around the house i quilted some swirly spooky wind…. i also ventured on the appliqued houses and did some geometric shapes….the swirls also went around the embroidered words.

If you can see them— they are leaves below!   You can see the dark stitching…but not on the dark fabric! Looks. like little weird squirly things.

Man…see how it is a challenge!

For the background of the hat area— spider web meander and repeating loops.

Quick helper lines and explains:

Do you have any wonderful Halloween Quilting ideas?  Even though the season is over….i am always looking for new ways to quilt!

Up next for quilting— thanksgiving themes…any ideas for those?

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  1. Tami Chaulk

    9 November

    That’s a really nice job on the halloween quilt! It’s real cute.

  2. Florence

    11 November

    Great job !
    Thank you for explain the quilting !

  3. whosies

    12 November

    thanks florence- and you are totally welcome! i love to see others designs…i look for them all the time.

  4. Deborah Pitts

    18 February

    Hi Becky do you know where I can get the pattern for the Halloween wall quilt posted on Nov 8, 2012 my daughter wants it for Xmas this year any help I would appreciate it thanks Deb

  5. whosies

    19 February

    i don’t. it was for someone else– you could try a little google search and see if it pops up.

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