Growing My Stash- with Christmas Fabric

Growing My Stash- with Christmas Fabric

I picked up a little pile from Lynette {aunt}.  She is a stitcher, not a quilter…so she was pruning her fabric pile and i of course loved to be on the receiving end.

Some of the prints are a bit dated {but really not that bad}.  Most of them are great pieces.   There was quite a bit in there too!  Not anything smaller than a half yard. 

These two prints—- bolts.  I didn't count, but i think that the blue is a full bolt.  The green, probably close to 3/4 bolt.  How wonderful is that?  I am totally excited.  I soooo needed some backs for the kids Christmas quilts!! They will be done this year!

What i am really excited about though is that this will help me with The Christmas Spirit workshop!!  Because my lack of Christmas fabric in the sewing cottage I have made some of the patterns in non-christmas prints.  I know. How could I do that. But out of sheer laziness I did……i must have been waiting for this to arrive. lol

Next pattern comes out next week!  I will share– it's a table runner. Christmas boxes.  Uses stripes…..

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  1. Leslie

    18 March

    I have some of those fabrics. If they came from a discounter (Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby), I’d wash them before using. Mine shrunk and some of the colours faded! Especially if you are using for quilt backings, I wouldn’t want them to ruin the quilt front!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. posse boss

    18 March

    good to know leslie- the cotton feels nice, but just in case {you can find the prints in cheaper fabrics and expensive ones}

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