Greetings from Bitsy the Bear- New Bear Pattern

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bear pattern

Bitsy the Bear

finished size: 14" X 7" 

Bitsy is the newest bear pattern around here— she is joining the latest bunch {fish & chip, watson and squeakers, Itnis} in the pattern shop.  

She is a sweat little bear.  Made with fleece on the front and cotton on the back she is soft and snuggly- but can handle the love wear!  Her dainty paws love to hold on tight to little hands.  She goes out in style with a scrappy flower in her ear and adorning her collar with accent stitching on her collar.

Bitsy Bear Pattern

Being a Bear, she totally has a fluffy tail too-

Pattern includes:

100% sized templates

materials list

diagrams for steps

bitsy bear pattern

You can find Bitsy Bear Pattern in the shop 

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