Green Apples Quilt is quilted and spoken for

Green Apples Quilt is quilted and spoken for

I'm really having issues this week. Second time typing up this post because i hit the backspace button………douh.

This quilt was handed down to me with finished blocks. The previous stitcher didn't like them- at all… i inherited them.  I decided to just sew them up.  I did lay it out before sewing, but somehow i still got a few friends next to each other. I hate that!  

Anyways— I finished quilting it {totally wan't on my to do list this week} and i think it turned out pretty great!  It reminds me of the fall.  Cooler weather, colors turning.  I could totally go for some of that!  

 I quilted a leaf in the center blocks and did curls and loops in the borders and corners.  I think in the future if i was to quilt this again, i would find a way to travel from one block to the other.  Stopping, snipping and starting 64 times isn't ideal!

Also– I cheated on the thread. I started with this wonderful red, gold, brown variegated thread—- and ran out.  I couldn't run to the store….so i dug around till i found a red, gold and black variegated shiney thread.  Now, if you were snuggling up on a cool night you would see the difference, but just looking at it you can't pick it up.  I don't do this on others quilts— just to let you know.  And of course the front didn't want to be lonely with the thread cheat so i did the same on the back.  I ran out of the tan brown i was using– yes, i could have filled a few more bobbins, but i was lazy AND i needed some bobbins emptied!  They were all being used by random colors not used often and i needed them to use on colors i do use!  So, i used up a few red, green and a light brown bobbin.

So, the question of the day– have you ever cheated on the thread before?

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  1. Grace

    14 September

    So- if cheating is what it takes to get a quilt made to look like this one, I am all for it! Is nature ever perfect? Just goes to show that Mother Nature knows best.

  2. Norma

    17 September

    This is too beautiful. I don’t much like the fabrics you’ve used because I’m not a brown girl but the quilting just makes it and takes the attention away from the fabric. It’s absolutely fabulous!

  3. posse boss

    17 September

    thanks norma! i thought the same thing. i think that is why the blocks have been passed around a bit. thank goodness it turned out pretty great!

  4. posse boss

    17 September

    that’s for sure… did turn out all right in the end.

  5. Cathy Harper

    16 April

    Having grown up with my mother being a professional seamstress and three years of home economics in high school, it was ingrained in me that the bobbin MUST match the top thread! It was a challenge, but I have learned that my projects won’t fall apart if my threads don’t match. So, yes I sometimes use bobbins that don’t match!

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