Foxie Adventures quilt top is done

Foxie Adventures quilt top is done

I have been dreading finishing up the quilt top– I had all the blocks done and when i went to put it together i noticed that there wasn't one for December!! There was the first one which was sledding, but it was already sewn into it's row. i needed a december block… it sat, and sat…and waited and waited. I stared at it— and then put it away. 

Finally yesterday i picked it up {after i had put the rest of the boxes away and the sewing room was actually quite clean!} and forced myself to make one more block— 

they are loaded with a few gifts -for each other of course 🙂

Now…if that wasn't enough satisfaction for me- I went ahead and finished up the quilt top! weee

I used every single one of those 24 charm squares!

size– 31" X 39"

I saw a quilt the other day using the ric-rac and thought– I love that! It's quiet easy to do.  Just sew it down flat 1/4" from edge and then sew the border on top of it and you are done!  Iron it either direction.  I played for a minute but decided to have them go outward.

i love this– thanks boys for holding it up for me in the wind!

You are wondering aren't you about the one missing block?  The one that i had ready to go, but no month to put it into? Here it is–

camping with a fire and cooking some samores! mmmm

It will be included in the pattern though- so you can choose to use it and take a different one out if you'd like

Think of it as a bakers dozen of quilt blocks. lol

The pattern is right now part of a Block of the Month— all the blocks will be posted forever so it doesn't matter when you join, all the blocks will be there! Block 4 and under are posted– Still plenty of time to catch up!

I am working up a quick little tutorial on raw edge applique to help those who are just giving it a try.  I am in love with the dark thread, double stitching and whimsy look of them.  It does take a bit of time, but not more than button holing around everything.

side note:  do you get cheated in your charm packs?  do you find that their measurement of 5" is not quite right. I understand the rules about the pinking shears edging…but there were A LOT of the squares way under 5"  I am a little worried about some of my seams because i had to sew a way skinny seam allowance.

Tomorrow is Row 7 of the Round Robin!!! Jean has designed it and it's a cutie!

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