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January— One Yard Wonders


Grocery Bag Tote

Crafty Apron & Laptop Sleeve

Striped Quilt

Peg Bear


February— Denyse Schmidt–Quilts

Denyse Schmidt Quilts Flickr Group

Stuffed Wool Cat

Scrappy Wool Suiting Scarf

Heating Pad Cover

Flock of Traingles Quilt

March— How to Bind a Quilt

Back comes to the front binding

Traditional Binding

Back is the binding- rolled to the front

Non-traditional edgings- ric rac, prairie points, ruffles…etc.


April— How to make a pattern

Sketching and ideas for patterns

Templates & Measurements

Sewing Steps & Instructions

How to Price your Patterns

May— Quilts on the Double Book

1st Quilt pieced

2nd Show and Tell- finished quilts

Ends and Tails + a MESS!

Technique of the book

June— Material Obsession Book

Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots


Cowboy Baby Quilt

Candy Store Quilt

3 Reviews from Readers


August– Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

Tiny Needle Keepers- On Pins and Needles

Stacked Coines Quilt

Reviewer guest— Jo from Bearpaw Blog

Peanut the Wee Elephant

Wee Elephant Quick Tutorial

September– Pattern Reviews

Rachel of Four Wise Monkeys

Connie of Cottage Rose Designs

Angie of Quilting Melodies

October– Sewing Bits & Pieces Book

3 Dancing Magpies Guest Review

Felt Flowers

Circle Little Quilt

Market Skirt- free pattern


November– Wee Wonderfuls Book


Wiener Dog Neclace

Sleepover Pals


Elephant tutorials