While per-using the blogosphere I came onto a few posts of gals who felt guilty for buying fabric.  It happens to the best of us doesn't it? But let me tell you- things are going to change around here!

I've been thinking of starting my own little group….. I mean there are countless stash buster groups to join.  Fabric Diets to be on…but seriously.  I am not feeling it.  This year I want to enjoy fabric {before it gets priced out of my pocket book} 

I need support.  I need to know that I have done the right thing– buying fabric.  I need you good gals to rally to my side and help me feel good and ooohh and ahhhh over the goods.  I mean if we can't support each other— So here's the group:

Fabric Addict Anonymous

Patchwork Posse




 I have intentionally crossed off the anonymous because surprise~  you are reading that I have issues {don't say a word} and it can't really be that way here with the linky thing going on– but for the sake of conformity I am sticking with the A. on the end.

You would only need to do this to 'support' and 'help out' your quilting neighbor gal.  There is nothing worse in this world than being alone– and loving fabric by yourself is lonely!  I mean, I can show the honey…but seriously does he care? no.  Should I be showing him them anyways… not really, he might get a bit suspicious of the issue of fabric addiction.  So let's just keep it to ourselves all right?


Rules— you just have to buy some fabric…any fabric. little bits, monster jelly rolls, fat quarters, grab bags, pattern, crafty magazine, doilies, lace, buttons, thrift store delights…..oooooo……. hello?   Are you with me?  You are totally an addict aren't you? Join the club~

  • Make a post showing off your bought, found, snatched or 'borrowed' crafty goods.
  • Put the button on your post {we can't get support without letting others know- can we now?}
  • Add your post link and photo below with the linky thing

Easy enough?

Take a look at the past F.A.A. Meetings.


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