Dusting off the Sewing Machine- Finally!

Dusting off the Sewing Machine- Finally!

Girls, sewing around here has been slow…..and this week it isn't going to get any better.  I am hoping that by next week things will be A-OK for a few good sewing dates.  Just me and the machine. 

I did however sneak enough time to give the sewing cottage a good vaccume and sweep up way to many cobwebs.  Why do they like in ground cottages?!

Anyways.  I was able to give the quilting machine some extra special attention for a few hours and finish up a quilt for Janis.

She said she had sewn it many years ago.  It was a block of the month… each block actually representing a block. 

In between each block she blocked it with green.  I knew this wouldn't be an easy one!  Solid green the size of 12 1/2" X 12 1/2"?!  Oh snap!

I took a look around my books and notes from HMQS classes and found some designs by Pat.  

This is what i quilted in each green square and then the borders kind of reflected the same idea. 

i tried to get it to show as best i could— still not that easy to see.

Each block was quilted differently, based on the block itself.  

Simple meandor in the background with more personalized quilting inside.

This will be it until later on this week– I am heading out for Young Womans camp.  Not too excited about it, but off i go!

{luckily i got a brand new pump up mattress to take along–the old one sprung a leak}

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