Dresden Quilting Challenge

Did you see this?  Probably.  Lately i have been lost in the world of something else {nothing of significance– just something else} so i totally missed it! 

After searching through the posts {when you click on their links, you will have to scroll to find the post- just a heads up} I am totally excited to get mine finished!

I have been working on finishing up the first Dresden Quilt-

I did unpick that one sashing on the right and i chose a totally different layout…..and guess what– the top is almost done!  Just needs a border put on.

When i get it done I'll have a before and after…. lol 

I also used this same method for a new quilt coming out in the next issue of The Sewing Cottage Magazine.  Can you say Cherry Chip Cupcakes?!  mmmmm yeah.

ok. back to the dresden quilting challenge– I took a little tour of most of them and here are some of my Favorites:  so far.


Dresden Squares Cover Shot  

  Finished EZ Dresden Challenge Mini Quilt


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  1. SuzieQW

    21 June

    Hi Brenda,
    I just discovered your blog today when looking up “how to fix a gaping waistband” and when I saw all of your quilting posts I thought of a question I have been trying to get answered.

    I have several old quilt tops that my great grandmother hand sewed but they have never been quilted or that is to say they do not have a proper backing.

    Any ideas where I could get something like that done?


  2. posse boss

    21 June

    suzie– that is wonderful! If they are still in good shape i would pick out a backing that matches the style and find a local machine quilter to quilt it. I have heard that this changes the ‘age’ of the quilt. So the age will be the current date and not when it was sewn. Some care about that.
    I would love to see the end result! good luck-

  3. Tina @ threads-unlimited.com

    25 June

    You make the Dresden pattern look easy! Way to go!

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