Doodling with Dresdens

I decided this week to give the dresdens one more try.  Remember last time-

this is what i wanted:


this is what i got:

it's so urcksome to do it once and then –never again after sewing them all! so, that little pile is going into another project.  obviously. 

So — i thought i'd give it another go and figure out how to get them to work.

There isn't as many petals as i would like and they are kind of short and squatty– but i have the technique down. Plus, while you are sewing them to each other they are getting sewn right down to the background. Sweet!  the tips are still kind of floating.  Haven't decided what to do with them.  Leave them?  Sew just the tip down with a few stitches…. 

Also– i was thinking of adding some stems and leaves…playing around with that.  The dresdens have such a finished look to them, i am not quite sure if i want raw edge applique going in there. A little bit less finished look. I am not a needle turner or an applique-er of any sort that takes longer than glueing and stitching really.  

Also the top one has 2 pieces for the background making the dresdens not match perfectly in the center– 

Can't decide which i like best.  I am kind of a cranky quilter– probably will go with the cranky method. 🙂

I think i am not done with doodling with the dresdens….  I will try a few new things– in the mean time:

What do you think?  Cranky or not?

Applique stems? or not? suggestions?

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  1. Michelle

    2 June

    Those are CUTE!

    You could piece the seams easily enough. Use the same method they use for free pieced letters, and I bet you could even manage pieced leaves. Or you could use ric rack.

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