33 Cute Lunch Bags You can Sew

This year has been a little bit different than the past ones.  I am a long time homeschooler, but after many thoughts and prayers- I have sent my kids to school…..full time.  They have gone part time last year, but now they are heading off coming the start of school to a full day.   This hasn’t been the easiest thing to do- but because of it, I of course get to sew some cute lunch bags.

30 + lunch bag tutorials | sew them quick and cute! | patchworkposse.com

The best part of doing this is that they will get a choice in the style and look of their bags.  Gathering up a few tutorials of these super cute lunch bags- there should be no whining from their lips because there are so many different ones!

Cute Lunch Bags you can Sew~

simple lunch bag pattern owl or mushroom free lunch bag tutorial by lemon squeezy
kawaii lunch bag tutorial lunch bag with the crafty cupboard
lunch bag tutorial krafting with k lunch bag by pretty prudent
lunch bag 3 monkey around lunch bag
zipper top lunch tote by sewing steph pack a lunch by sew 4 home
lunch bag 5 lunch bag 6
lunch 7  lunch bag 7
lunch tutorial by belly buttons boutique lunch bag 2
lunch bag tutorial by blissful lunch bag by skip to my lou
reusible lunch bag by craft buds lunch bag cover by clover and violet
lunch 8 lunch bag tutorial
lunch 9 lunch bag 10
lunch bag 4 easy peasy lunch bag tutorial
cool lunch bag tutorial tutorial to make your own lunch bag
tutorial by bee in my bonnet  34_LunchBag_Duo
make your own lunch bag tutorial lunch bag tutorial
 lunch bag tutorial  lunch bag 1

My all time favorite containers for lunch bags— this comes with a little freezer that fits in between the containers too…perfect!

Need a snack bag to stuff inside that super cute lunch bag? Here is a super easy one, and you can even make it with your orphan quilt blocks!

reusable snack bag tutorial / patchwork posse #tutorial #backtoschool #snackbag

Do you have a favorite style of Lunch Bag? 

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  1. Allison

    7 August

    Ahhh! These are all so cute!!


  2. Becky

    8 August

    thank you! there is a big variety which makes it nice when trying to pick one.

  3. Sue Reid

    13 May

    WOW – these are fabulous, such creativity. Well done

  4. karen

    15 July

    These are so cute, wish I could sew and had time to make them some. I am sending my 3 oldest to school also after 2 years of homeschooling, I just can’t do it financially anymore 🙁

  5. Porsche

    15 July

    Your pin button doesn’t work for some reason. I can’t pin straight from the image. But i’ll pin it the old fashioned way. Just wanted to let you know.

  6. Dana

    16 July

    Great list! And all so cute…will have to add this to my sewing pins!

  7. Wanda

    25 February

    Love all the tutorials you provide. I’m a novice sewer, have been for many years. But I do enjoy sewing and reading about projects. I hope that one day I will complete more projects instead of reading about them. I have found a few that I hope to make for an upcoming new baby boy.

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