Craft Zine Facination

I have found lately that i love reading things others have made….by hand.  That is to say they have 'self published'.  these are not anything fancy. Just simple words, simple diagrams and super simple books.

Do you ever have a little collection of something that really doesn't mean anything.  They are just fun to have around? and buy more of? lol This is what it is with me and Zines.

This one was my very first zine…….it is my absolute favorite.  the fun sketchy look –kind of like freehand quilting + the additional pops of color, words and stickers.  Love the mix.

OINK - art zine - vol 1 -  pyglet whispers

OINK - art zine - vol 1 -  pyglet whispers

by Piglet Whispers

Crafty leftovers is a fun one! The projects in there are perfect to whip up and the themes are fun.  I have a few of them….

Late Fall Craft Leftovers Monthly - Vol 3 - Issue 5

by Craft Leftovers

I have to confess that i did buy:

Let's Make Zines - a mini zine about zinemaking

which is kind of funny in itself- but it is full of great ideas and how to's that is for sure.  written by Asking for trouble

You could follow some simple instructions by DVzine on putting yours together. Or this one by Instructables.

And— if you are really digging it, go check out this great gathering of some easy printables for you to put inside your craft zine.  while you're at it…check out some fun collages too!

Now, if you aren't into making up your own book— you can find a few on Etsy {that's an understatement} or you could hop on over to Gingerbread Cottage and print of some sort of zine-ish books.  

She calls them pocket books. Love that.  Love the idea. 

Obviously from this post i can get a little carried away. I had to stop myself from looking around anymore.  

But this makes me think-

Maybe i should put on a zine workshop or something….hmmmmm the crafty cogs are turning…. what do you think?

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