Cordless Iron and Sewing Box

Cordless Iron and Sewing Box

This weekend I headed out with the kids on garages sales. It has been a bit since i have picked up anything worth mentioning–  but sat. I got a few goodies.

I picked up a Cordless Oreck Iron.  I have never had one of these and at $2 i thought to myself I'd give it a try.  In the last issue of the Sewing Cottage magazine there was a question- what was your favorite iron? and more than a few had this brand on it. So, why not?  Thoughts so far— it isn't as heavy as my Rowenta.  But it does get hot!  Plenty hot i think.  Plus i don't have to fight the roller cart wheels with the cord.  that is the whole point- isn't it?

I also picked up a sewing box.  This one is missing the feet and the front knobs– but really who cares? It just sits there anyways.  I was thinking of changing out the top fabric…but the underneath is still tight and so- i might just leave it because i don't feel like messing with it.

It does the typical fancy open thing.  I can't wait to get it wiped down and all loaded— hmmmm the things i should put inside….

I have been working this past week on a few new things for the upcoming issue of The Sewing Cottage Magazine.

After looking at the projects I finally picked up on their re-curring theme.   1/2 Square Triangles

So, be prepared to grab your pile of leftovers.

Along with it all– Jerika turned 15. Yes. I have a 15 year old. She is a beautiful, patient and talented gal.  She loves her soccer- and is good with it.  She is a great older sister to the youngers….and has a wonderful inner drive to do her homework on time. Bless her.

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  1. Wow, those are 2 great thrifty finds. I love my sewing box like that – I use it to hold all the shipping stuff I need for my Etsy shop. That iron is a huge find. I’ve been looking for one of those for quite some time. Well done you!

  2. posse boss

    22 May

    thanks! i haven’t filled the sewing box yet– still hunting.

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