Christmas Quilts- only 2 years late + Giveaway!

Christmas Quilts- only 2 years late + Giveaway!

So, yesterday i showed off the honey’s quilt…today i am showing off the rest of the crews quilts that they are getting finally this year!

A few years ago i was totally gung ho with swaps, trades and sewing bees….so i ended up somehow with quite a few christmas style of blocks.  What to do with them all?!  Put them together into 4 quilts for the kiddos for christmas!

The swaps i did over on aunt pitty pats in 2010.{in fact, she has a new christmas swap up right now if you feel like you want to participate. she is a wonderful host!}  i know, time flies!  After having the goal of having them done for christmas… is finally achieved this year.

These 2 are for the boys.  They are a little more tolirable and forgiving than the girls.  They have the swap blocks and dividing them are mega 9 patches.  These i pieced together after finding a wonderful precut pile of christmas fabric squares.  The fabric seriously isn’t the best, but it will get loved, snuggled and washes.  I’m not making an heirloom here.  Just a christmas quilt. 🙂

because of my speed piecing, i didn’t notice that i had sewn all the blocks and 9 patches the same….so i wasn’t able to turn them.  Thus, the ended up in lines.   a line of applique blocks, a line of 9 patches.  I am saying i did this on purpose so they could recognize their own quilts….because the backs are the same.. You know. go with me on that one, ok.

This next one is for Eliza.  She is a pink girl and i somehow had sorted all the blocks and put these together at one point. Fuzzy pink flannel on the back.

This last one is for Jerika– she is the oldest and i thought this little bunch from an online sewing bee would be perfect for her.   These blocks i took a little more time with and sashed them with some crazy orangy pink/red fabric.  I really do like this one.

So the question is — how early is too early to give them?

And– where is my quilt?!

Just for fun how about a little giveaway- after finishing the 4 quilts i am thinking that i no longer want to look at the christmas 9 patches and have no idea what to do with the last few blocks.Just to confuse you even more there are 13 blocks. lol They measure {or should, no promises made there} 12 1/2″ X 12 1/2″.

So, one lucky reader will win the pack of Christmas blocks so you can make your own quilt!  Maybe yours won’t take you 2 years to finish.   Really this is an easy sewing projects and a great beginner sewing projects too.   No tricky business here….just sew the blocks together and quilt it!  No sashing needed, or special sewing techniques….. unless you are a go-getter and want to sew it that way!

Rules for the giveaway–

1)  leave a comment here for one entry

2)  Like me on Facebook and leave another comment saying so– for a second entry

–if you are already a fan, just leave that second comment–

3)  Winner will be announced on Monday morning Nov. 5th

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  1. pat yamada

    1 November

    A Christmas Quilt! Well, maybe NEXT year!

  2. Sandra Lamb

    1 November

    Love the Christmas Quilts and blocks.

  3. rachelle

    1 November

    they are stunning quilts win or not i will have to make one

  4. Kathi Naegle

    3 November

    A Christmas quilt sounds great. Maybe part of the give away should be that its a requirement to have it done before 2 years. LOL
    LLove your site, and the quilts!!! Thanks

  5. I see my block! lol. I haven’t sewn my blocks into a quilt yet. I had alot of fun swapping over at Aunt Pitty Pat’s.

  6. I’m a fan over on facebook 🙂

  7. lynaeve

    4 November

    what an awesome giveaway

  8. vicki hanson

    4 November

    <3 <3 your blog!
    can't wait to make a quilt! I can do it!!

  9. barbara woods

    4 November

    love your quilt’s

  10. barbara woods

    4 November

    i liked you on facebook

  11. Rochelle

    4 November

    I already have Halloween quilts for my three children but only one Christmas quiilt…winning the blocks would motivate me to finish another.

  12. Sharon Griffith

    4 November

    Wow i really enjoyed the photos od your quilts and would love to put some blocks in one of my christmas quilts….

  13. Sharon Griffith

    4 November

    Yes I am an email fan of yours.

  14. christine

    4 November

    Great Give-Away

    …must admit to not having even ONE competed Christmas quilt for decorating


  15. Sharon Griffith

    4 November

    Now I have to get back to my Christmas quilt yes I am on your FB thank you

  16. Jeanne

    4 November

    Just wanted to say like all of your quilts and you are so fun. I finished one that I started two years ago at christmas this summer .

  17. Roberta

    4 November

    I have a bunch of Christmas applique blocks I have been saving; not knowing what to do with them. I am so excited because now I know what to do with them. Thanks so much. I love your idea!!!

  18. Kitty May

    4 November

    I’ d love to win. You do an amazing job.

  19. Debbie

    4 November

    Your quilts are beautiful. Good job.

  20. Cheryl Dwyer

    4 November

    oh please please please pick me!! I follow you on facebook, plus get the emails! Please, please please!!!

  21. Dawn

    4 November

    Your work is lovely. I think you should tuck the squares away and next year pull them out and you will feel refreshed and think of some needy person who you would like to give it to after you put it together. As they say absence makes the heart grow fonder!!

  22. PATRH

    4 November

    sounds like u work like i do i am trying to finish 8 quilts for grandkids for christmas great job u did and i know they will be loved the left over blocks are stunning to qoute my granddaughter who got her quilt early says everytime she sleeps under it it is ahug from me so i know willbe ur quilts

  23. wanda

    4 November

    I love your quilts. It would be great to win a block, thanks for the drawing.

  24. wanda

    4 November

    I have been a follower for awhile. thanks

  25. Stacey Goett

    4 November

    The quilts look awesome! I especially like the the gingerbread house block in the not opps quilt 😉

  26. Barb Jolly

    4 November

    Would love to win the Christmas blocks!

  27. Tami Chaulk

    4 November

    I would love for you to pick me. I actually have enough time to make a Christmas quilt this year and have a grandson that would just love it. I follow Bonnie Hunter and she recommended Patchwork Posse, so here I am.

    Thanks, Tami from Colorado

  28. Valerie Zagami

    4 November

    What a beautiful job you have done on all the quilts. You inspire me to do a lovely Christmas quilt and I would love to have your blocks to begin. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Sandra Timmons

    4 November

    I can do this quilt. You already make this so easy -for anyone. What a nice Christmas quilt this would make – for me or for a special loved one. What a wonderful giving and thoughtful person you are. Yes, I am a follower and have enjoyed you so much. Thank you for a chance to win these blocks.

    Sandi T.

  30. jane

    4 November

    These are wonderful14

  31. Kathryne

    4 November

    I like your quilts. It makes me want to get busy and make one

  32. Tania Petry

    4 November

    Would love to win blocks for a Christmas quilt! That would be quite a Christmas gift in and of itself! 🙂

  33. Lori Morton

    4 November

    OOOOOOH!!!!…. the quilts are ALL so cooool!! You did Awesome job! I’d be most delighted to win your extra blocks!! Wooohooooo!!!

    Thanks so much for chance to win them! 🙂

  34. Lisa Cox

    4 November

    What cute blocks! I love your Christmas quilts. I would love to be
    able to use the blocks to make my daughter one.

  35. Lisa Cox

    4 November

    I’m already a fan over on Facebook

  36. shannon taradejna

    4 November

    I would use the blocks to make a Christmas tree skirt. Would be overjoyed at being able to make one in time for Christmas. Thank you for the chance to win.

  37. Cheri Oggy

    4 November

    I would love to win these blocks! They are too cute!

  38. Lori

    4 November

    Hello Becky! I took 9 years to finish a x-mas tree skirt!!! As I only worked on it at that time of year! So being able to win a quilt with the blocks all ready to sew together should only take half as long! Love your site. Lori.

  39. June D @ QuiltQuest

    4 November

    The quilts are really cute – would be great to be able to make my own with our blocks! Pick me! Pick me! : )

  40. June D @ QuiltQuest

    4 November

    I tweeted about the give away.

  41. June D @ QuiltQuest

    4 November

    I shared on facebook!


    4 November

    WONDERFUL BLOCKS!! I sure would love them

  43. Clara

    4 November

    Nice Christmas quilts!

  44. Suzanne shivers

    4 November

    I’d love to make a Christmas quilt!

  45. kanga

    4 November

    i love Jerika’s quilt and what a pretty name!

  46. Tammy Hempel

    5 November

    I would like to take those blocks off your hands!! he he The blocks are Great!!

  47. Chris

    5 November

    Would love to win your giveaway….I have always wanted to try my hand at machine quilting..your beautiful pieces would be perfect. Thank you….Happy Holidays!

  48. Meredith

    5 November

    I have quite a number of Christmas quilts that have been more than 2 years in the making! The blocks are great – thanks for the chance to win!


    5 November

    did a 6 week beginners sewing class last year but only last 3 months have got confidence to try quilting and am doing ok these blocks are great would love to win to give me big push to try a quilt

  50. Margaret Hud

    5 November

    Love your blocks. my favorite are the snowmen and my daughter loves the Penguins.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Jenny herring

    5 November

    What fantastic quilts. The children will love them. I would love to make one for my Grandson.

  52. Edna Kidd

    5 November

    Love your quilts. Would love to make one..Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Beverly Jones

    5 November

    Your quilts are great I would love to make one for my greatgrands

  54. Anne

    9 November

    Your quilts are absolutely beautiful and I love the holiday theme. It takes me two years to make one, I never seem to get as much time as I want. They are very expensive to buy so I try to do it myself.

  55. whosies

    10 November

    time is always against the stitcher. I am afraid this will never change. 🙂 the process and end product is sooo worth it!

  56. Emilee

    22 June

    I did the APP swap several years ago as well, finally made mine into a quilt last year for my mom-fun seeing someone else use them!

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