Christmas Hankies

Awhile back i purchased a little package of christmas hankies- vintage style.  They have sat for a bit and i thought– hey, what about making them up just like the hankie baby quilt?

So– after picking the background size based on the largest hankie, i played with the layout and design.  I only had 6 hankies, so the layout is a bit different from the first hankie quilt.

It ended up as a table runner– which i am totally in love with!

I kept with all red for the background…and will be sharing the whole thing shortly when it gets quilted.  Oh that quilting pile is ever growing!

I also picked up a book the other day– 

I love it! It's not an easy one to come by– and i wish the whole quilt was pictured, but the little embroideries are wonderful!  might have to snatch a few for another project.  Not sure though if it will be hexagon shape….hmmmm

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