Cherry Chip Quilt

I finished up those hoop Cherries I was working on last week or so.

I am not realll fond of using that applique technique, but i do love the way it makes them pop a little bit.  They kind of are 3-d which makes the quilt a bit more intersting….if i do say so myself.

The idea to do cherries with leaves came from the Challenge from a quilt group.  I went with the shapes and added– cupcakes of course. 

I have had this little group of fabric sitting around for another idea– but this one beat it to it!  I love the bright colors and the 'fresh' look of them.  Quite summery, don't you think?

here  is an closer look at the quilting and the blocks. 


The cupcake paper is done using a dresden plate sort of technique i have come up with. The tips are totally free floating.  Haven't decided if i want to tack them down or not. Probably not, since i don't tend to go back and finish these type of things. lol 

One of these days i will put together a tutorial on the technique.  Promise. It's on my to-do list.

The name– cherry chip {well, cherry is obvious}  but cherry chip together. I love that flavor of cake mix.  I am not sure why.  But it is totally on my top favorite list. Maybe even past chocolate! I know. is that possible?

If you really loved chocolate more, wouldn't this be cute with chocolate cupcakes!? oh my gosh…..someone do that so i can see it and not make it again. {super easy pattern, don't get me wrong….just have a hard time making things more than once}

If you made it–  What flavor of cupcake are you sewing up?

pst– pattern is available in issue 10 of The Sewing Cottage Magazine

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