Burning Rubber

This week i got a few quilts –quilted…and after loading up the next one to go- i have problems.

Burning rubber. I guess that is what happens when you quilt at a massively quick rate and the rubber isn't able to handle it! lol

So this is what the sewing cottage is looking like this week–

chirping crickets….

all because this little piece doesn't want to behave.

The honey has glued it AGAIN…..see all the black tar-ey stuff? yeah.  I am thinking that this is definetly a temp fix and i will have to make a run to the sewing machine store fixer place to see what they have to say on where i can find this rubber.

So I can of course burn some more.

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  1. It’s a shame that a little piece like that can hold back progress. I it holds up until you can get a replacement part.

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