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I hope you stick around and play along with the Wool Challenge that is going on:

It's one month of fantastic interviews with wool experts, a few free and totally wonderful patterns and how about a giveaway at the end for sharers of photos and random draw! Come Wool Along!

now, here is is—– it's time to show off one of my current quilts I am in love with!!


Now, i know it totally is showing off it's folding lines…because it has been folded for 1 year now! ugh. what a horrible thing. To be hidden that long.  But it has been waiting…waiting for binding.  And, it is a christmas present. and since it wasn't done for last year…thus, the folding will be presented this year.

Quick story about the quilt– fabric was purchased by the honey a few years ago.  He actually went into the store and asked for help on picking out fabric! isn't he the greatest?! oh yeah. Well. I often stared and watched the fabric, not really sure what to do with it.  I had found a pattern in a magazine years ago and had bookmarked it….i so loved that pattern. One day the connection of fabric and pattern hit and here ya go.  

I often make fun of others who sew a ton of triangles together— yet i find sewing up a ton of triangles…lol

The quilting design i had spyed on another quilt and loved how the feather is split with the larger and pieced triangles…so that is what i did.

The honey will be getting this quilt for christmas and tomorrow i will be showing off the 4 quilts that are finally done for the kids!!  

I'm really having a hard time keeping it secret….how early can i give them so they can snuggle in christmas?

Quilt Stats

Approximately 65 by 65 inches 

Special Techniques: half square triangle trick

Quilted: Professional

Pattern: in magazine

Categories: throw Quilt, Professionally Quilted

Entry #527

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  1. Rebecca

    31 October

    Beautiful work!

  2. Alison

    31 October

    This is so gorgeous. Love those colors together. 🙂

  3. CitricSugar

    31 October

    Beautiful! Love the echo between big triangles and little triangles.

  4. Becky

    31 October

    It’s so great with it’s colors, and the pattern

  5. PBJ Quilt Sandwiches

    1 November

    Lovely work on this quilt!! I really like the color values and placement of your patches – lovely feather stitches too!!

  6. Pat

    3 November

    Love the colors, and the way you put them together is just perfect. Gorgeous quilt.

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