I can see Clearly Now

Do you see? did you notice the grey sky gone?
Things are looking up….. at least brighter, nicer, not so big–ger

Nice new screen…..look at all that counter space i was missing! you don’t feel clausterphobic when walking next to the computer desk in the hallway. woooooppppeeee!!! don’t look at that clutter.

Here’s to Neighbor love

splitting a box of frozen chocolate chunk cookies 570 of them between us. m.m. and m some more

2 old lady neighbors wandering the neighborhood with arms full of Rhubarb. thank you.

Rhubarb Pie

of course i burnt the merainge. i am a sewer not a cooker!

Leftover Crispy Crust with cinnamon and sugar

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  1. Liz

    30 April

    Neighbor love sounds fantastic!

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